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Flagged delivery - how long will I wait?

The system flagged my delivery for review, I assume because the message was in Serbian. I may be wrong, because I’ve sent delivery messages in Serbian before and nothing happened.

Does anyone have an idea what other reasons a delivery message might get flagged are, aside from asking to communicate outside of Fiverr and similar stuff? My username was in the file name, could that be it? Does anyone have experience with flagged deliveries? How long does it usually take for them to be reviewed and unflagged? According to the message I’m seeing, it can take up to 24 hours, but there are just hours left before the deadline so I’m wondering if I should expect the order to be late. I guess I’ll give it a few hours then message the buyer just in case.

Oh and I hate these triggers :unamused:

I don’t remember seeing in the ToS anything about being forced to write delivery messages in English, especially when the site is already translated in several languages, so no, I don’t think that the Serbian message was of fault here. And I delivered in Romanian language before, without problems.

– however, I always want to be on the safe side, so when I deliver in Romanian language, I also write an English message for Fiverr’s own records

It occurred to me to start sending the messages in English as well when this one got flagged, but I won’t do anything for now. It really might be because the file has my username in the name so the system thinks it might contain my contact info.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I sometimes write in German, without any English, and didn´t have any delivery flagged yet.

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If it’s flagged, Fiverr’s trust & safety team will review and will allow it to pass (If it’s a regular message.)

If they feel you have violated the TOS you will receive a warning notice.

Yes, I’ve had a few flagged messages before so I know there are all kinds of triggers and that I have nothing to worry about if I don’t violate ToS. I was just wondering if anyone had the same experience because of the language, but that’s obviously not the reason for flagging.

Anyway, the delivery went through and everything’s fine. The order was late so I contacted the buyer to explain and he didn’t mind. I suppose the unnecessarily late order is just something I’ll have to live with.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I’m SO glad this got resolved for you! I personally would still write CS and see if the “Late” could be modified since it wasn’t your fault.

Also, I ALWAYS include my name on my deliveries, so my Buyers can find me by name again, if they forget, :smiley: and it’s never been an issue.

DID they ever indicate what the problem was?

Thank you!

They didn’t say anything about the reason so I wanted to write to them and ask, but I figured those secret triggers are secret for a reason and if I knew them and could avoid them, I could cheat more easily (if I wanted to, of course), so they probably wouldn’t tell me.

I don’t care about the late delivery now, honestly. I rarely deliver late, almost never, so I’m fine with having that one bring my percentage down a bit. I might still contact them if I have time today, but I doubt it.