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Flagging a buyer?


Hi everyone,

If this has been covered elsewhere, I apologize, but I didn’t find it.

Is there any to flag someone so they stop messaging you? I have this one buyer who keeps sending me messages even though I told him I wasn’t interested in doing any work for him. Why would I turn down a chance to earn money? First of all, what I can understand of it sounds fishy. Second, his English is so poor that I can’t even understand what he is asking at 100% capacity. I told him no thanks and he keeps sending messages.

I read somewhere about being able to flag a user. I looked all over my inbox and his profile, and saw no way to flag him. Any ideas?


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks! My next step was to report him to Fiverr anyway. From the English I could understand, he was asking me to initiate a Kickstarter campaign for him. Didn’t sound too stable to me.