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Flagging Discussion [ARCHIVED]


Your new profile pic is terrifying, by the way.

Mod Note: This post was in reference to @miroslavglavic, but these comments were split from the original thread as they went off topic.

The Burning Shame of Idiocy

Just noticed. Is that makeup on his face? Just asking. :neutral_face:


I like men in makeup.

  1. Nothing wrong with men wearing make up
  2. Snapchat filter


Dear Moderators,

There are three comments that are hidden above. They commented on my profile photo. I was testing out some Snapchat filters and I don’t actually have make up or a nose piercing. I hate needles.

I don’t find @emmaki @saddu_writer & @misscrystal insulting, attacking or anything like that.

I tend to use halloiwe’en and “scary” profile photos. In fact I change my profile photo on all my online social media accounts on a weekly basis.


Mod Note: Understood and appreciated.


I said I like men in makeup and it was flagged?

Why? This is abusive flagging.

Mod Note: When a post is flagged and hidden, innocent replies may also be automatically flagged and hidden. This has no negative impact on the user.


Exactly. Nothing was something that needed to be flagged.

Mod Note: The moderators cannot control the actions of community members at forum level 1 and up. Flags are reviewed by moderators or staff and if a flag was incorrect it has no impact.


Every male actor in holywood and bolywood and whatever else wood wears make up.


technically speaking it said the community flagged it.


if even one person flag it, it will appear like that.


Even MY post explaining it is a snapchat filter got flagged.


I’ve invited a couple of mods to this discussion.


There are trolls amongst us.

I just got flagged as ABUSIVE for saying
"Your call is important to us, please wait and someone will be here shortly…"

I mean seriously?? lol

Those same trolls have flagged you lot.

Mod Note: The forum is not a substitute for Customer Support and no user, Regular, or Moderator is intended to offer official statements. The comments that you were flagged for confused a new user who took the meaning of your post as a guarantee that an official representative of Fiverr would respond in the thread shortly. This was not OK and was correctly flagged with or without the edits that were applied


Some people are flag-happy. I bet there would be a whole lot less flags if it wasn´t anonymous. But for obvious reasons the anonymity makes sense too, of course.


If people are abusing the flag button, the Mods will catch on to them.
If Mods deem the flags unwarranted, I believe they’ll just unflag. @fonthaunt @eoinfinnegan @annai80 can confirm and what not.

I had two posts flagged for including graphics, oh well!


Not just actors and not just there, I know, you´re not saying that, just wanted to stress this. :wink:
Whoever wants to wear it, shall wear it.


Look at how many fictional characters are male and wear make up, there is more to make up than eye shadow and lipstick.

Star Trek, Star Wars and X-Men wouldn’t exist if make up on men was banned.


Guys I think you are taking this way too seriously. The comments above were flagged because they can be seen as “Bashing a User”. I personally don’t think it’s appropriate to make fun of someones profile pic. I am glad you are not bothered by the comments @miroslavglavic.

When a flag is issued we usually look at the replies made to that particular flagged thread. In this case @misscrystal your reply was hidden as well.

We are taking these type of comments very seriously and want to make sure the forum is a place for everyone to enjoy. In this case it might not have been a big deal since Miroslav wasn’t bothered by it but in other cases it might be a different story.


I (speaking for myself and not all mods) appreciate that you don’t find the comments insulting or attacking however it may have seemed like that is what some of the comments were doing and this could be off-putting for other users. Fear of being insulted, attacked etc is the most common reason for people not commenting and so we try to ensure that this does not happen.
Regarding the other, related comments, they were removed as they were irrelevant (off-topic) and did not make sense when the initial comment was removed.

As always, while we don’t want to have every single flag queried, if someone has a query about a flag we will try to answer and explain the reasons. [quote=“misscrystal, post:43, topic:113986”]
This is abusive flagging.

I have explained the reason above and refute your claim that it is abusive flagging as mods reviewed the flags and acted as they saw fit.

I can see zero evidence for this, unless you suspect it is mods who are doing this. In this case you should contact customer support and report it.
Edit: Please note that sometimes flags are approved and posts removed without any negative affect on the poster.


@eoinfinnegan I still fail to see how me saying I like men in makeup is abusive in any way. In fact it is complimentary. That was inappropriate to have mine flagged. I don’t think it was an attack.