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Flake Customer Affecting Cancellation Rare


I have a customer that waits until the late minute (delivery time) to cancel her order after I’ve done everything in the gig. She then says it’s all my fault. Last time she canceled, then reordered the same gig a day later.

So, it was time today to deliver the order and what do I see - a request to cancel. I’d already sent all the info into the cyber world, so I delivered the order. How much you want to bet, she will wait until the last second of day number 3 to cancel the order. It’s like she likes to play with folks money and emotions. Remember, I have a cancellation against me for her last set of antics, I’m not looking for another one. Don’t those hurt your standings?

Can I block a user from contacting me again? If she flakes again this time, I’m done. I run a business and don’t need people to think Fiverr is “play play” because it’s inexpensive for some things.


Sorry for having to deal with such buyer, its not pleasing to see someone playing on your intelligence together with all the Time and Hard Work you’ve put together.


You can contact customer support and tell them you situation and also report the client


You do not have to accept cancellation requests.
I suggest you find a way to ensure you have proof of work completed through something like screenshots or a video etc.
Then just reject the cancellation request and deliver the order with the proof attached.


I did that already. I provide print screens and all that. Now it’s the battle of cancel - don’t cancel. How do I get paid for my work?


Exactly. There needs to be a “block” button. I do the work then they don’t want to pay for it.


Have you asked them why they are cancelling?


Don’t provide anything before you deliver the order.

They may be getting work from you before you deliver then trying to cancel to get the work free.


Gosh! seriously there gotta be solutions for sellers against buyers as such


Have you tried asking her not to buy from you anymore? Let her know politely what your delivery time is and that if cannot wait for you to deliver then maybe it’s better to find someone else with a shorter delivery time.


She says it’s because of a time zone issue (for an interview that she scheduled). There’s a 1 hour (-1) difference and she says she didn’t understand that 11am ET was 10am CT (email communications have confirmed the -1 difference). It’s just a lot of back and forth.


You can try to ask support to block the person from ordering your gigs, if she does not seem to get the hint.


So explain that this is not your fault but hers.
If you did the work then you get paid, regardless of what mistakes the buyer makes.
Obviously better to say it in a nice way!


People have tried that before – especailly when I was new. Now I don’t allow any interviews or anything to happen without being paid first. Great suggestion because that is true for so many.


You can deliver a day early to solve this problem.


It’s not delivery time - she’s fine with that. She just stated its the time zone (Eastern vs Central – or NY time vs Chicago time) problem. That she can’t make the transition in her mind to call in at the right time.


She said my team is rude and unprofessional because she can’t make the time zone transition and has given me a bad review and now I have a 2nd cancelation from her. She is messing up my stats.


So it’s all because of a one hour difference in time zone?

This is really the buyer from hell.

It sounds like there is calling and emailing? This sounds like a recipe for disaster too.


Doesn’t matter when I deliver you still have the 3 days wait for auto mark (completed). She waited to the last 2 minutes (I keep track of when I deliver my gigs, myself) to cancel.


We do all we can to make folks happy (within reason) but you just cant work with folks that are looking to make you the fall guy. SMH