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Flaky Sellers

I’m running across an increasing number of

providers who don’t respond to a buying

question in a reasonable time if at all. It would be

good if you have a category of sellers who

are available during stated hours who can

get a easy task done immediately.

On the Fiverr phone app, sellers can turn on the online feature. It would seem those sellers would respond back the quickest. As getting a task done immediately that may be the problem. People work, have families, and all kind of other things other than Fiverr. Most of the work done here by sellers is not automated and takes time. Even a simple task takes time. Even other places that would charge heaps more, I doubt you would find someone to do the task right away. The express category lists gigs that are done within 24 hours. That is the fastest offered. Other than that some sellers offer faster delivery for an extra fee.