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Flashing green icon!


Why does that green notification Icon ALWAYS flash when there’s nothing new.

I come to the site everything day and it’s flashing… I check all mails to make sure there’s nothing new… and there never is… but i come back later in the day or the next day and it’s flashing again … such a pain the face.

Fiverr fix it.


Wow. Wish something like that were my biggest problem.

Suggestion: clear your cache & cookies after logging off the site, then sign in again, see if that clears it. Otherwise just pretend it’s flashing because it’s happy to see you! :-&

P.S. Customer support doesn’t lurk in the forums. If you want to let them know how you feel about this, you’ll need to contact them. If enough people complain, sometimes change is effected. Maybe you missed the (brief) changeover to orange?