Flat icon design


I have been on fiverr for about 3 months and made only 2 sales i think here are a lot of spamers i see gigs that says created yesterday and are level 1 or 2. I dont know how to get more sales if any one can help me


To get to Level 1 or Level 2, you need to make a certain amount of sales in a period of time. People add and remove gigs all the time - so just because they created a gig yesterday doesn’t mean they made the sales on that gig. They may have made it on a gig they have since discontinued.


I think one issue may be that you do not have a lot of samples. Look at some of the top logo designers that are highly rated and top sellers, go look at their gigs and what they use for photos and write ups.

Also, why do you call it a “flat logo” design? Using the word “flat” may mean something a bit more negative in English used in that way.

Another issue is that you say this:

"First 5 persons who order and review in my gig get a full pack for 5$"

First of all, I am not sure you can do that, ask for a review like that. And what does a “full pack” mean? What exactly are you selling, are you not selling custom logo designs? Or are you just selling logo templates?