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Flaw with "Available Now"


Available Now is great and i’ve definitely got orders because I have had it on but it has one annoying problem . You always have to have the last word otherwise you get penalised for not answering within 2 mins?!

Really annoying.


How do you get penalized? I can’t activate Available now on my account for some reason


you have to answer within 2 mins

eligibility requirements are…
Less than 5 active orders
More than 5 orders completed
Low cancellation rate


For some reason, I never get messages or orders when I have available now on. I thought it would increase my message rate, but… Ah well.


Actually I shouldn’t over rate it. I’ve had 4 orders over the month that I received when I was on “Available Now” . Not exactly mind blowing but for me its quite good :slight_smile:


That’s amazing! Congrats to you!! :slight_smile: I’m hoping the feature will bring me similar luck.


I’m always with my laptop so I just leave it on lol


I am soooo frustrated. I just got “blocked” from available now because I took too long writing my response. I began responding immediately, but because I went over a five-minute timeline I cannot use it for 30 days! I tried to ask support for assistance, and they refuse to allow me to use it even after explaining the issue. It is counterintuitive to punish a seller for taking the time to respond to an inquiry in a thoughtful and detailed way. If you use this feature, the trick (advice they gave me for 30 days from now) is to give a quick response saying more detailed information is on the way.


Yes exactly
I nearly spilt my coffee trying to reply to a Available Now Message. And like you said you cant give a detailed reply
Good suggestion though, thanks


That’s crazy!

One of the things I find most infuriating about Fiverr is the response time. Sometimes a potential buyer will email me late at night - 2am my time - and I am already asleep. It badly affects my average time if I can’t respond till 7 hours later - I think the average time should only be calculated/taken into account during business hours. I feel like we’re being penalized for…sleeping.

The same apparently goes for this Available Now feature. If we step away for a moment, as humans do… It seems seriously strange to require a 5 minute time limit. I would understand a 10 or 15. But 5?


available now upgrade has not been given to all users including me can anyone tell me why is it so, I have contacted CS they say its just for the beta version I m not sure how they separate it


Fiverr is correct. The “Available Now” feature is in beta. This means that most people – including you – do not have access to the feature. The feature, as far as I am aware, has only be granted to a few people. I do not know how they determined who can beta test it.

If you don’t have it yet, you don’t have it. Concern yourself with what you DO have access to, and don’t worry about what the beta testers have. :wink:


alright thanks for sharing mate


This is interesting! I did not know that. Well, hopefully, my constructive feedback is beneficial for future users.