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Flicker (Portfolio) account VANISH!

Hello Fiverr pro !! :heart_eyes:

My flicker account was vanish without any reason. A few days ago just creating a flicker account for my portfolio & upload some design but now I can’t login into this account. When I am trying to login here it says (Invalid email or password.)
Please check this attachment. :slightly_smiling_face:
Waiting for your valuable comment :sleepy::sleepy:


Maximum number of users are facing this problem.

Yes, this is really frustrating. I amn’t sure who knows about this hot tropic!!

This has been a big issue lately. I would recommend contacting Customer Service. Also, please blur out your email account because it could be considered sharing contact information.


Does it has anything to do with fiverr ?
I am sorry if I am missing something but posting flicker login issue on fiverr forum looks irrelevant to me,
That should be on flicker forum I guess ??


oh yes, thanks a lot. its my mistake.

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I think this is relevant for this forum because Fiverr suggest to use flicker portfolio for clients. :muscle:

Make sure your credentials are correct, if so then must be contact support team???
Contact Us (

What do you mean by " credentials"? Thanks for your time :star:

User name and password. Make sure case sensitive words.

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Yes I wrote them correctly at a secure place but now it doesn’t work. I think there are some TOS to uploading design. I amn’t sure about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now contact customer support team.

I also facing this issue.

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