Flood of strange garbled messages and spam on my blog


I have purchased several gigs to drive traffic to my elderly care blog. Mostly nothing happened. Then the last time I purchased two gigs, directed at two specific posts, the floodgates opened. Here are examples of the kind of “quality” comments I am getting: (Keep in mind these are blog posts related to caring for an elderly loved one)

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I’m getting 4-5 of these DAILY. It’s just sampled garbage, with spammy links attached. I have to run as far away as possible from Fiverr, evidently. I don’t even know how to find and stop these spammers.


Wow. Just wow. That’s pretty sad. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. Personally, I’ve never believed ANY of those “bring you likes/followers/good reviews” type services. Many of them are just bots and the results disappear in a few days or weeks, but the ones that really do have actual people attached to the accounts are almost always from underdeveloped countries where those people are given tiny fees for every post they write or link they like or follow. They don’t actually care what it is they are liking or following, they just want to do as many as possible. I’m sorry this experience has turned you off from Fiverr. I assure you there are many good, reputable people here. Most unfortunately, the scammers who sell likes & followers try getting away with it as long as possible, then when reported & kicked off, come back under new names or others just as sleazy come in. The whole category shouldn’t be banned because there are genuine promoters out there; these will always offer realistic assistance with growing your blog or website and it usually doesn’t involve selling followers.


This has got nothing to do with traffic whatsoever. Those are spun comments from automated tools trying to get backlinks back to sites and you need to block spam comments on your site, or comments totally if you do not want any comments