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Florida Drivers License ID not supported?

Hi I had already verified my ID successfully before on fiverr and then after 3-4 weeks it asked me to verify it again (why I’m not sure if it was already verified that doesn’t really make sense).
I’ve tried to do so in good light with the ID fully in the frame as well as a selfie of myself but it claims now that this ID isn’t supported?
What kind of ID is supported? It gave me the option to use my driver’s license when I submitted it so fiverr is contradicting itself here and if this ID really isn’t supported anymore then what sort of ID do I need in order to verify now?
Fiverr is a great place to find gigs but not if they make it literally impossible to verify after providing what is asked.
Where should I go from here?


Yes I’ve read and understood “Verifying your identity” link you provided and am following all steps as described but still after submitting the requested ID photo and selfie photo taken from my smartphone which appears to be in good quality and good lighting in the frame I’m still getting " We Couldn’t Verify Your ID On Fiverr" response back from Fiverr.
There doesn’t seem to be any alternatives or ways for me to get verified that I can see but I’m open to any suggestions if anyone could assist here, please?
Is fiverr just broken right now with some issue on their end? Are others also experiencing the same problem?

I have the same problem with you , five days ago my account was disabled by them after the third attempt. I contact the cs , it’s because the quality of the photo and I’m not uploaded it in a smartphone. Then , I followed their instructions to upload it in smartphone. I uploaded the picture of my ID, but that picture is uploaded in my gallery not taken directly from the camera, I don’t know whether is it acceptable or not , and until now I don’t have any information update from CS :disappointed:

No, they do not accept Florida driving license. There is already a topic about it.

The catch is that Florida changed the look of their license recently, they added more security features, and as a result, the system is not recognizing it.
Find the link to your government statement on how they changed the license and ask to be manually verified.

If they reply with anything except approval, just copy-paste your message and send it again. Do not add or get aggravated. Just say Florida changed -link - manually verified - please.