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Fluent or professional

What kind of conversation buyer likes fluent or professional or what kind of statements or words we have to choose while conversation with buyer

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Buyers like both professional & fluent conversation. You can’t choose between professional or fluent, because those are two different things. So…

If you’re fluent but not professional, you’ll make a bad impression and potential buyers may not buy from you, while existing buyers may cancel on you.

If you’re professional but not fluent, depending on your niche, some buyers may not buy from you (e.g. if you offer writing services but you’re not fluent in their language, they won’t buy from you)

As for statements and words to use, that’s a very broad question - it depends on each and every buyer in part, on their needs and requests, on the niche, etc. However, you can do a quick search on Google for “best words to use with clients”, you’ll find plenty of articles that’ll give you some ideas in that regard :slight_smile:


It depends on the client.
For example, when I’m ordering from Vickie I always remain polite and professional. She’s a classy lady so no disrespect :slight_smile:
However, when I order from Woofy I start with Hey dude or Hey you there. He likes it :stuck_out_tongue:

When you order from someone you really like start with “Dear…” They might give you a discount :wink:


yes i did so and thank you man

you meant hey dude whats up and ‘use Yo man’ words :laughing: