Focus A Few Main Gigs vs. Mass Multiple Gigs. What's the better choice here?


Okay so i’ve almost hit my 100 sales mark through multiple gigs (still waiting till i been here 1 month for level 1) but im sort of curious on your some experienced sellers takes. Okay so i do video testimonials. Getting anywhere from 3-7 sales daily. But lately since i have been putting out newer gigs its like my sales per day are dropping. Take a look at my profile. Do i have to many gigs? I figure i have 2 choices here. Put out more gigs or alternatively focus on like 5 main gigs and perfect them till im a top rated seller and go from there.

Feel free to reply with whatever you would do in my position.



I think you could combine your gigs to 1-2, since they’re all for testimonials, plus a tip gig. You can then analyze the type of testimonials in the description. :)>-


Yeah thinking ill have 1 Gig with a white background, 1 in a office area, etc. So their not so alike and spread out. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: anyone else who feels they can contribute. Please do


Some say having many gigs is effective…considering you being in search results I guess…

My private idea is I don’t like having unrated gigs in my profile…SO I avoid putting many gigs and stick to what I can do and which would get jobs…


I personally would not be able to keep up with more than one gig plus due to the nature of myf family tree gig it does keep me focused on one subject and product


I wouldn’t pin the drop in orders to how many gigs you have up. Where you happen to be on the rotation of gigs can have an impact. For example, if you have had any homepage exposure. Also, the amount of competition you have for the same or similar gigs. I would recommend contacting some of your previous buyers - they can be a great source of continued and repeat business if you continue to do a great job for them.


Reply to @madmoo: Good point, Madmoo, but I venture to say that buyers do NOT go to the third page. They don’t on Google. Why would they on Fiverr :wink:


Reply to @oranjegirl: I do that: Contact my previous buyers, but I do chalk up lower sales to higher competition. Be different. Be unique!


Reply to @oranjegirl: Agree that one should remain in contact with the old buyers. Always update them f new promotions/ changes / gigs. This is what I do


Well as per my suggestion one should focus on main gigs. Let me tell you my story, I have added 2nd gig a few days ago. And a single gig of mine have atleast 1 sale (usually 2-3) daily.