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Focus...........just focus

I could get my stuff done in half the time, do twice as many orders and earn 4 times as much if only I could stay off Twitter and Indian politics.

[Uncle Luke: “I only know one truth…it’s time for Writer to quit Twitter…”]


Oh it’s going to suck waiting for the third film after this master piece.


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The countdown begins… tick, tock :clock1:



I…sense it. The force is with us.

  • insert Star Wars theme *


“Your focus determines your reality.” – Qui-Gon Jinn

“It’s a trap!” – Admiral Ackbar


Focus Master Writer… Focus.


I do not do Twitter, but maybe I should get many friends there and promote my gigs? I TRY to ignore American politics. My latest focus inhibitor is hanging out on the forum. However, if I had more gigs that would not be a problem either.


It’s not a bad idea to use Twitter for promotions, but most people only use it for politics. It is nothing but a political tool these days, which inspires great anger and keeps everyone in a 24/7 outrage mode.

I avoid even talking politics except with my husband and like-minded family members. I do not care to be involved with people who can not calmly discuss their side of an issue as opposed to mine, but instead rant and rave. I do not do post on Facebook about politics and unfollow my friends who do political posts. I have better things to do with my time. . . Like, hang out here.

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I keep in a 24/7 outrage mode by watching the Rachel Maddow Show which won two Emmy awards recently.

I’m joking, I don’t stay in an outrage mode, more of a mind numbing shell shocked zombie mode.

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That’s very smart. That’s the policy I should use as well, will bring some peace to my life.

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That’s the opposite of what Vickie is suggesting…you want to go into the outrage mode…don’t think it’s a good idea, only leads to an increase in BP. Guess Maddow is for you what Twitter is for me.

:rofl:, I cannot like this for political reasons . . . enough said, no ranting or raving.

She explains and clarifies the outrageous things going on now in a way that you can grasp easily. I get this very weird spaced out dazed feeling from hearing it all, as if it’s some kind of addictive drug high that is not really pleasant but impossible to escape from. The highs and lows keep coming at a mind boggling pace so before you can take one in, three more have hit you right between the eyes.

She explained that today, October 7, is the one year anniversary of an unbelievable news day.

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I tried finding out, but couldn’t…what happened on Oct 7? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: [And that’s how my focus was lost…yet again…LOL]

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There was a big hurricane to start with here, and then some other news in the USA. Can’t really say more here. :slight_smile:

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