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Focus on the best buyers. Rest will be taken care of automatically

When your profile gets boosted, your gigs begin getting huge amount of impressions and orders respectively. That’s something you and me are here for as a seller, right? Well, the actual game begins from here.

You get the buyers who actually read your gig description, understand the packages you’re offering and place order. They know what they will get for what they’ve paid. These are the buyers with total clarity. They know both the things: 1. What you’re offering and 2. What they want. So if you’re dedicated, hardworking and creative, such an order or such a buyer is a boon to you, because, there isn’t any other funny business involved. You design(I’m a graphic designer so) what they require and job is done. Period.

And then, as your impressions increase, you also get inquiries and orders where buyers either have read at a glance or expect you to reiterate it all that you’ve already shown on your gig portfolio, gig images, packages and in FAQs. Here, you feel like requesting them to read the gig through ! But you can’t (fear of losing the client or lead), won’t (you’re used to it) or shouldn’t(no need to get involved in the argument zone).

Best practice here what I’ve observed is that not to get too lucrative or fearful about losing the client, instead with respect, try to show them or reiterate what you already have explained in gigs. This is when the Custom Responses come in place. Simply, create custom responses for the frequently asked questions. There would be maximum of 5-10 such questions. This will help resolve the issue. And your time will be saved.

Hence, always focus on best buyers. And believe me, you’ll get a lot of them here on Fiverr. I’ve got and many other successful sellers have got. So let’s invest our energy and attitude towards that green zone where we get buyers with whom we can work comfortably.

As our focus will be here, the energy that gets disturbed by other troublesome buyers will be converted into a more positive energy and you’ll start enjoying the work you’re doing.

This post is not a TIP for other sellers, although it is, but I’m writing it also for the purpose of a reminder to myself. I know that Fiverr is an outstanding platform. One needs to stick to it and success happens.