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Focused Gigs: is it a good idea?

Hi Friends,

After completing first two orders on fiverr, I wasn’t receiving orders anymore. I changed keywords and descriptions, but all in vein.

Finally I deleted some gigs and created new in my focused area. Do you think this idea will work to get some orders?

Gigs that specialize in delivering one thing, in my opinion, look more professional (and less desperate) and I’d assume would sell better if the product is good.


I totally agree with this, specialization brings profit, IF of course the area of specialization is in demand. There is a marketing theory that says that it is not the demand that causes a service to be created but it is a well crafted service/concept that can cause demand.


Thank you so much @lenasemenkova and @psychic_diva for your feedback. But I am still looking for BR, specialization has reduced BR per day to 1 on average.

Specializing allows you to focus on a specific audience and their specific needs. This is very attractive and much more professional than trying to be everything to everyone.

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