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Follow a Seller


This is my last suggestion for now. Wouldn’t it be great to follow a seller you get quality works? They might have new gigs that you might also want.

Follow Option on Fiverr

So you mean follow the seller rather than their gig?


Yes, the seller. Because based on his current gigs, you will have idea on what he can do perhaps in the future. Or what kind of gigs he might offer in the future.


Great suggestion…


I like this idea very much… :slight_smile:


Did you get that inspiration thanks to Follow the Thread on here?


@smartpad, I love this idea!


Verry good idea! You got my vote :slight_smile:


@smartpad this is a great idea, its a way of offering support to a seller as they progress with fiverr, as they move up levels you can send them congrats messages etc…


Reply to @madmoo: Simply click the Follow link, which would be next to the Contact Seller link. My 2 cents.


Reply to @madmoo: I typed the word “cents” and it did NOT replace with fragglesrock. Woohoo!


Good idea!


Reply to @madmoo: @hotwebideas was suggesting to place a Follow button next to Contact Seller link :stuck_out_tongue:


Great idea!


I never thought more people will like this feature. I only thought this idea is great because most social media sites have this.


Reply to @madmoo: Good points, MM.


Reply to @smartpad: Fiverr is a social place as well as a marketplace, so why not.


agreed. The site seems to be more “gig” focused rather than “User” focused :smiley:


It’s great… That can be used like the gig collections then… right? Agree with ya…


I agree we need “Follow a Seller” because every business social network has it’s good idea. :slight_smile:

And For the "New way of finding sellers in future on!"


All the best, and thanks all!