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Follow Option on Fiverr


I think there should be a follow option on Fiverr, so that the buyers and sellers both can follow each other and get recent updates.

This should be however limited to 3 follows per day to limit the spammers.


Has been suggested several times in 2012, 2014, 2015… it’s 2017, and it appears there’s either not enough demand for such a feature, or Fiverr thinks it’s of no real use :wink:


Perhaps they think spammers will overtake the feature.


What kind of “recent updates”? Fiverr doesn’t function as a social media website. Therefore, there really aren’t any sort of “updates” that can be followed.


Change in prices, new gigs.


Again… not a social media website. If you want to keep track of a seller, favorite their gigs, or bookmark their profile page.


That’d be terrible - I can even imagine the yelling / harassment in my Inbox from my regular buyers because they won’t agree with the new prices :grimacing:


The prices aren’t supposed to be higher than before each time.


I said the option can be used by both the buyers and the sellers. What if I have a long list of bookmarks on my browser? Finding a Fiverr seller would be hard enough.


A seller can have any listed prices that they want – higher or lower.


OMG! Is it? I didn’t know that.


This can remedied by having different folders in your bookmarks. :wink:

You don’t need all of your bookmarks in one long list.


It affects the speed of the browser if you aren’t aware.


What if I want a slow browser? :wink:


This website wasn’t built for you alone, not everybody has the time to cope up with a slow browser.