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Follow the instructions and get banned

Follow the instructions and get banned

And once fiverr support told me that the BR are filtered before they are released…


Yeah, I think they’re initially automatically filtered by a bot, followed by a manual inspection later on (don’t know how many hours after it has been checked and released by the bot though).

So, after a BR has been released by the bot and before they are manually checked… this “in-between” stage… is when we might be able to see such BRs.

And, clearly, this BR didn’t trigger the bot (cuz it didn’t relate/match “S ky PE” with any of the blacklisted words; clever scammy buyer eh?).

It’s often the mek-sell people who fall prey to this (I still don’t fully understand this meme though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: wait… does this… does this mean… I am one of them? :flushed:).

Once they get banned, they come to the forum saying "omg… Fiverr deleted my account for no reason at all… I did nothing wrong… I only responded to a BR and I did exactly what the buyer told me to do… Fiverr destroyed my life… Fiverr sucks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: "

P.S: After I wrote this post, I found this thread about mek-sell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Quite an amusing read.


Hi @arafatjamil01,

Couple days ago I woke up having a message from a buyer I applied through BR, wanting my proofreading service, being mandatory to give my email for granting me login as the work should be done directly on the web site. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :triumph:

Politely, I declined saying that the set reqirement violated Fiverr’s TOS, but I would be glad to do the work ONLY if they sent me the text I should proofread, hoping that was going to be the end of it. :neutral_face:

What was my surprise when I got almost an instant reply stating that the TOS allowed them to provide the email in case it was necessary for the project :flushed: :open_mouth:

So, here I went again with my finger almost pressing the report button… Sorry but I can’t give you my address… Ok, no problem… Thanks for your understanding! :roll_eyes:

As you can see, buyers DO read Fiverr’s TOS in most of the cases and know exactly what can and can not be done!

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Instead of skill tests, Fiverr should implement a mandatory TOS test for every seller! In this way, sellers who don’t like to read would be forced to, at least, know the existence of something called TOS… :roll_eyes:


I don’t think it’s not possible to use outside communication method when it is mandatory to fulfill the order! I done couple of works by connecting to customers PCs via TeamViwer. Because some projects i did, those are not supported with buyers PC because of OS difference. So If i had no access to the buyer’s PC, i’m not be able to fulfill the order at all.

Added : but i think there should be an order already placed in according to share those kind of mandatory personal info. waiting for experienced person for further explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

That would be a nice idea :+1::ok_hand: , I think you might post about this on fiverr suggestions category.


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I am a web developer and mostly work with credentials and stuffs related very close to and often with their email and personal information.

But that, when is necessary, should be on the order chatroom.

My jobs are impossible to do without those, does that mean I violate TOS?

No i don’t think so. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could specify which operating systems you support in your gig so that you probably won’t need to use TeamViewer?

You could also install multiple operating systems on your PC? Or have a second machine for testing the software on the different OS.

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I do use windows. I do java programs where every OS supports. but some times there’ll be unsupported libraries by MAC OS. So then only i have to go into their PCs. 95% of times, Those programs works perfectly on any OS without any problem. I’m talking about that 5%. I don’t think i should purchase a MAC just to do that 5mins simple debug. But maybe I will. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I noticed today in Buyers Requests that the students are back looking :eyes: for help with their homework! One wanted to take a timed test with the help of someone to text him the answers. They said it would be about 40 questions, or did they say it would take 40 minutes? :thinking: At any rate, they were paying $5 and had 14 offers. When I proctor tests, I always walk the room and keep an :eagle: :eye: out for cheaters who are attempting to get answers via their phones. I think the student that is intending to cheat in this way is going to get in trouble! :astonished:


Why did you withdraw your post?

So easy to give a warning or ban to those 14 offers… I wonder how many people actually read the TOS before posting a BR, publishing a Gig, or buying from a seller.

I thought about reporting the post, but I have better things to do with my time. Like learning to :man_juggling:


I am not your granny!:wink:

But to report it you would need to take a screenshot and contact CS and add it to your report to them.

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