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Follow These Steps If You Need MORE ORDERS! 😜 😜 😜

Hello friends!!

As you know, It is not an easy job to find a job if you are new to fiverr. It doesn’t matter how creative you are, how experienced seller, finding first few orders will be really tough coz you are new here. No one knows about you so no one like to take a risk. That’s why people always finding sellers with +1000 completed order with high ratings.

But the thing is “YOU NEED ORDERS!!!”. So, Don’t step back. Start today. Just do following things and tell me you didn’t get any order.

Create all the gigs you are allowed.

Many gigs mean many opportunities. If you are waiting for orders after creating just one or two gigs that’s not the fault of fiverr. So you should capitalized the given chance. On the other hand, People who meet your gig may have been visiting your profile but most of them going back after seeing that you have just one or two gigs. So, If you need them to buy from you, you should give them a confident. Because they are taking a little risk on buying from you. Because you are not rated yet. But don’t be hurry to create all the gigs in one day. Take your time and create some quality gigs which can catch the people who visit your account.

Create quality gigs

Before you create gigs you should have a good understanding what you can really do. You should have 100% confidence of the service you provide. If not your fiverr carrier will be over soon. Then you can list down the services you can provide on fiverr. Then select the best of them because fiverr won’t allo us to create gigs as much as you need. If the selected services are unique, The chance of getting orders will be higher.

When creating gigs, The Title should be short and sweet. It’s really important to add the main keyword to title. If you could add few sub keywords too It would be great. But make sure to keep it short and sweet.

When comes to gig description, Main keyword and sub keywords should also be there. Here you can put them multiple times. But fiverr won’t allow you to put them as much as you need. They have limits. Anyway the thing is you can put keywords multiple times but make sure the description is attractive. It should have a good flow from top to bottom. Unless no one will read it.

In the bottom of the description you can put your keywords again in the keyword section. you can use 5 keywords here. Main keyword should be there and make sure to use same sub keywords you use in gig description.

Then Pricing. This also very important part for any seller. Because everybody is seeking good price. It doesn’t mater you use basic package or 3 package pricing your pricing should be fair with the service you provide.

Next one is gig images. This is the most crucial part of your gig. If you are a graphic designer, gig images are the best way to show your skills. So, take some time and design stunning gig images. I have seen some people creating gig images totally different from each other. Also some sellers following one theme for all the gigs. I this this way is much better. Because it gives a bit of professionalism to your profile. It doesn’t matter whatever the way you are using, your images need to be elegant if you need to get more orders.

Buyer request

Everybody know about buyer requests. Fiverr has given this feature for the people who couldn’t find someone for their needs. So they can post a request explaining what they really need. So the sellers can apply for those jobs. Thousand of job post created a day but you won’t get everything in your profile. Fiverr shows you the posts relevant to your keywords only. So you can apply up to 10 among them. So you should be wise to chose which to apply. It’s up to you. Anyway explaining why you should get this job is crucial. good explanation has a good chance of get the job.

If you need to know how to response for a buyer request read this post too.

Response time

Some people are very keen on time. So they won’t like to wait days and days for just to get a reply from you. So you need to response fast. The only way you can response fast is being online always. But this is impossible if you are part time freelancer. That’s why fiverr has introduced the fiverr app. You can download the app from play store.

There are few more things about getting orders. I hope to write new post in couple of days.

Good Luck!!



Thank you for your advise.


Thanks@riyana for suggestions


You welcome!!!:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Very helpful tips
Thanks a lot for your suggestions


Thank you for your advise


Thank you for details.


Thanks but I’m still confused by what to write in a gig and how to find potential clients. Yes I am a noob with this app for those reading and giving me the face palm.


Hey adrianabdullah! Don’t worry friend. Once you decide the service you offer you can check gigs of other sellers who provides same service on fiverr. Then you can see how they have explained their service. They will give you an idea how to write your own description. But make sure not to copy paste. Fiverr won’t like it and if the original seller found out you have copied his own description he will report you. Then you are in a big trouble.

Also I checked your profile. It needs big improvement. Nothing will come to you without a huge effort. So take you time and make your profile amazing. I am 100% you will get more an more orders.


love it :heart_eyes:


Hello @studio_riyana I appericate the help for what you write… Thank you :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :kissing_heart:

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it’s my pleasure. :blush:

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Thanks for your advice

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Studio_riyana, I must admit you’re one kind among your peers. I have digested your two latest posts in the forum and will surely work on them.

I have been here for the past few months but still struggling to get to level 1.

Kindly check out my profile and suggest ways I can improve it.

Awesome @studio_riyana :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your tips! Lots to learn from them. Hope people read these are use. Looking forward to implement these in my profile as well. Thanks again!

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions Riyana :slight_smile:

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Hi friend! Thank you for reading my post. I went through your profile. I see you are an article writer. So I am not talking about your gig description because you are a writer you know how to write. Only thing I can say is use relevant keywords in the gig description as much as you can. It will help you to get more traffic to your gig. But don’t let too many keywords to break the flow. It should have a good flow from top to bottom. because you are a writer.

The thing I need to say is your gig images. Your gig images are not bad, not good either. You may say you are a writer so why should you have beautiful images. But I say that’s the reason you should have good and quality images. Because compare to my category(graphics) your category (writing) doesn’t have good quality images. many sellers use google images. That’s the opportunity you should capitalize. If you create high quality gig images you will win the competition easily. Also If you could create a nice video which you explain your service by yourself I’m 100% sure you will get many orders after few weeks. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you friend!:kissing_heart: