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Follow up is Key to Mega Sales on Fiverr


This is for any fiverr sellers out there that want to step up their game. I believe the power of follow up will generate you more sales. i worked in retail stores and online and so many sellers fail to practice this. Here are some tips that i believe that can help a newbie and also a advance seller.

  1. Fiverr makes it easy to follow up, when you reading a message from a potential buyer you add a Label and name it as you wish. Fiverr has a default with Follow up. Check that and you will have a red box in your message inbox reminding you who to follow up or is not longer a lead. (this is only optional in desktop.)

  2. Follow up every day. Yes this might sound nuts but, think about your on Fiverr and you might not be the only person the buyer messaged. Think about it like this your in ring fighting for the gig. If you don’t punch back some other seller will knock you out. My tip is message at least within 24hrs, for 2 days if you don’t get a reply which is rare i usually consider them as a person that moved on. So many people have told me that they were shopping around first and maybe ready to buy that day and you grab their attention by the message you sent them.

  3. Ask client what are they trying to solve and LISTEN rather than talking about yourself.

  4. After you complete the sale, don’t just turn in a gig and be out of your way. This is where so many fail. Business is about relationships, you need to keep in touch with someone that has bought from you because this is the easiest sale to make in the future, depending on the gig you provide if you went above and beyond. They are more likely to buy from you and buy more of your up sales (GIG EXTRAS) they trust you wand willing to pay more.

    Well i hope these tips work for you. Make sure to comment below, i would love to hear from the community. Cheers!


I think this is a great point. After an increase in orders, I decreased the amount of words I would do for $5 (I offer editing) and added some extras. I messaged all of the customers that had given me work previously offering to continue to do future work for them at the lower price. People appreciate being thought of after they’ve paid; it makes them feel like they aren’t just a job!


@biggz27 I couldn’t agree more. Reach your customers on a personal level and you will give and receive better business.

If I may add, something I have done that seems to work is make premade templates you can customize to your buyer.


  1. opening - Welcoming them to your gig and thanking them or their purchase
  2. update - Update them when you are starting to work on their product and give them an estimated time for delivery. (this is also great to get more information if needed)
  3. Closing - finish the product with a closing statement that offers them a modification if they aren’t happy with the result. you can also add in a deal for other services you offer.
  4. reminder - Having the complete cue sitting for 3 days until it closes without ratings can be bothersome. use this to gently remind them to complete & rate the gig.

    Example closing that I use is attached


@ardicus what a valuable tip, the closing is on point. Hope you make tons of money here on Fiverr.


@ardicus and @biggz27 I’ve found both of these to be really valuable in my day job, but have for some reason not made the jump to apply this regularly on Fiverr, despite knowing I need to (best intentions, I guess?)… Thanks for the reminder and the nudge!


"2) Follow up every day."

They’re buyers, not babies. They give you instructions, if you understand what they want, you do it, then you deliver, then they demand revisions or not.

Today I have 10 orders in my queue, you think I have time to message all 10 everyday? I already have to deal with non-buyers asking a ton of questions before they order. "What do you do? Can I see a sample? Will you be late?"

It’s insane! I can’t imagine the people with 40 or 100 on their queue, they must be wasting at least an hour a day just responding all those e-mails.

As for your tip message, why not just include the tip link when you deliver the order? Just make sure it’s a nice link like, so you don’t have to waste even more time explaining what that link is about.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I will definitely follow up with my customers.


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Make templates and cut and paste… I find its easy and change it when needed.

I use office online the One Note version myself.

I average around 6-10 daily but its doable.

I agree the higher the cue the less likely we are to respond as such, but once its in your cue I think we should do what we can to have the customer feel updated and cared for.

Either way great points here as far as follow ups.


I want to add a bit in it. If you have any previous client who used to do bulk orders and is now not giving you orders anymore then talk with him and offer a decent discount/deal so that he is back again. Retaining clients is the best way to success in business. Fiverr is a real business now :slight_smile: