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Followed by reportes trying to interview me


Just trying to find out if anyone else has experienced this. Yesterday morning a large suv was camped outside of my house for over 5 hours until I decided to leave the house. The SUV followed me around town until my husband got out of the car and confronted them. They said they were with inside edition and wanted to interview me for my work on fiverr. My husband was sceptical and told them to stop following us and stop camping out out front of our house. They followed me all the way to my business and camped out front of there. At that time I left and my husband called the police. They tried to follow me again and were intercepted by the police. The police report cAme back and yes in fact they were with the tv show inside edition. The reporter herself is a very well known reporter. Just not sure why they would stalk and chase me through my town simply for a interview that they could of just asked for the right way.


Sorry to hear that. It must have been upsetting and worrying for you.
It seems like a crazy approach for anyone to take for an interview so I wonder what the nature of the interview was, it doesn’t sound like it would have been positive - their approach is more Michael Moore type than Insert_Well_Known_US_Chat_Show_Host_Here.

Perhaps you could call the station and ask if they could explain the reason they want an interview and then ask about the tactics they used.