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Followed Instructions, but Buyer gave low star

Hi Dear,

I have done the Artwork as per instructions of the buyer. He told me to change the color to Blue and Pink and I have changed it. But he gave me 2.7. What should I do now?

Thanks and Regards

I am afraid there is nothing you can do. CS will not change the review.

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Well, like @vickiespencer said there’s nothing you can do. Just read your Buyer’s feedback, learn from it and move on. Fyi~ don’t you dare pressure the Buyer to change his feedback. I’ve seen people getting slapped with account warnings.


Thanks Nikavoice,

It means that Fiverr is more inclined towards buyer instead of Seller. If it is like this. Then it must be addressed to Fiverr. Really disappointed with the buyer behavior. :frowning_face::triumph::weary:


But we can elaborate exact situation to the public, if buyer is wrong.

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