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Following up with buyers?

Hello Fiverr Community,

I just started my Fiverr gig a week and a half ago, and I’m stoked to have had 5 buyers.

My question for all of you seasoned veterans is: do you ever send follow up messages
to past buyers down the road?

As a freelance writer in real life, I will often follow up with past clients and offer them
specials, for example, I might be offering unique content for St. Patrick’s Day coming
up, or I might just follow up with a “Hello, it’s been awhile since I’ve written for you…”.

Just a thought, any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!

While this is reasonably OK-ish business practice outside of Fiverr (and having them on an opt-in list would be the most safe bet), it’s a huge no-no on Fiverr. It’s essentially spam, and Fiverr can and has blocked people’s private mail functions for similar behaviour. By all means, if you want to do it, be my guest–but you won’t find much joy in it.

Okay, good to know! Thank you for the advice!

Thats what you should do in any business. However , fiverr’s automated system liked to ping your account for all kinds of stuff. sending too many copy + pasted messages may create a false flag.

Fiverr can block me?!
I usually follow up with clients all the time - if I haven’t heard from them in a month or more, I will write, offering my services once again etc. I done business with them again and again this way and with some we’re only chatting, but still - keep in touch.

I think there is nothing bad to report to a former client once in a while. Just to tell him that you’re still alive. Of course, if there is no more replies from him, than is better just to let it go.

So what about the Quick Response Feature? We always Use Copy Pasted Message and Quick response is Basically a Copy Paste Feature which saves a lot of time. Would it Create a false flag then?