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Hi there, does anyone know what font is being used for the logo here:

that is - the text WOODESIGNER - which font is being used for that text. Thanks!

Sorry most offlinks not okay to post. Also, this is the Tips for Buyers forum. Please post obvious questions like this in Chit Chat or Fiverr FAQ, else you’ll risk getting banned from the forums. Thanks!

Either sneaky or foolish. Maybe both.

Hi :

this is the font you are looking for :

Great, thanks!

You must know about WhatTheFont app though? Surely?

Reply to @artworkking: Given that it’s a person with no gigs who could have paid someone for the information, I’d guess it was a thinly disguised attempt at spamming us with the URL. Whoop.

It was actually a genuine question. It’s not my site. I did think about putting together a gig for my new logo, but decided to have a go at doing it myself.

Reply to @rumtiddle: So, what does the thread have to do with Fiverr? I guess I missed that unless it was just the part where you were thinking about putting together a gig and deciding not to.