FontHaunt's Exercise Tip of the Day


Step 1: Get a set of 10 lb weights (dumbells) and put them in front of a chair or sofa.

Step 2: Go run an errand that requires you to stand in line for a long time.

Step 3: Come home and immediately sit down in front of your 10 lb. weights. Take your shoes off.

Step 4: Put your sore feet on the round bar on the dumbells and roll them back and forth with your feet. Ahhh, nice foot massage.

Step 5: Put your slippers on and watch TV.

This is the exercise tip of the day, brought to you by FontHaunt! For folks in @emmaki’s weight loss club (I can’t remember or pronounce the name) I hope this tip brings special help to you!


This has just given me an idea for “as seen on TV” foot dumbbells. I can’t remember the name of my weight loss club, and in any case, I am bringing great shame upon it by doing precisely nothing. I did have a salad yesterday though. With lasagne.

Crappy sketch of idea:


That’s dreadful…a 1-year old could draw better than that.


Hurray! I’m qualified to be a Fiverr logo designer!


Did you ever think that perhaps this is a perfect representation of her feet? No, you have to assume the worst…


The feet lovers club will be in here now!


I’m loving how Font’s feet have toes of different and ultimately jagged lengths. Also, the pink you have used looks like sunburn and I can’t help but wonder why you would suspect our esteemed forum host to have an apparently very furry right ankle.

Do you know something we don’t? Is Fonthaunt actually Sam Gamgee?


I’m going to do step 5 later. Does it still work if you skip the first 4 steps?


I’m gonna try it…


@emmaki We can take my exercise plan, your patent pending and beautifully drawn logo and head off to be Doers on Shark Tank. (Yes, the one Fiverr made fun of in the Doer video.) We’ll need a few buffed up dudes and bosomed up chicks to demo the footbells. We’ll be rich! Then we can buy weight loss. You up for it?


If you do all 5 steps, you burn 7 calories. Step 5 just burns one. However, yes, that’s still a result so it counts as long as putting on slippers requires some effort.


@zeus777 Oh that’s so cute. I like your drawings! :slight_smile:




Sorry, hahaha, I had to Google that word!
…how in the heck do you pronounce that…?


Simple: CHEW ON YOUR TONGUE! You’d be surprised how well it’d sound.


Something for the foot fetishists! :mask: A little bit of hairiness and prettiness = drool.

@zeus777 you’re so talented!


That’s actually two fetishes in one. Well done.


I’ll substitute Step 5: Put my feet in Dr. Scholl’s foot spa and watch TV. :sunglasses:


LOL like the old saying goes “kill two birds with one stone.” Well in this case toenail fungus! :smile:


They should have kept the shoes in the picture.