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Fonts and examples

I am a new buyer here – I’ve got four gigs I’ve bought in the last couple days. One was art and went well, the other three are something built around the logo. I used to work as a graphic artist, so I quickly specify (a standard) font usage and provide existing logo, etc. Two of the 3 delivered already and in both cases the seller used completely different fonts (didn’t even stay within family serif/sanserif, font color (black vs blue, red, yellow…), weight (in tagline) and I cannot use it. The first was a really easy project so I sent back a note saying “please use the specified font, colors” and he cancelled order w/o communication w/me.

The 2nd one was animation and I said “do it exactly like your example for xyz logo” but he didn’t do that – he did a different animation instead and he didn’t use the fonts I provided (in his case, I did a quick mockup in GIMP with logo, words, fonts and sent him the files), but because I like what he did–though it isn’t what I asked for (exactly like his example!) I just sent a note but I accepted his gig (it was only $5) and reviewed 5star and bought $5 again to make sure my desired font is used and that he follows through this time. I won’t be able to use the first gig as it stands, but didn’t know that it was OK to just go back and say “do it exactly like your example” that I’d already said and use the fonts requested…w/o giving another $5. That seller is well established and has many 5 star ratings.

What is reasonable? As a former graphic artist, I know if someone gave me font, wt, direction on exact color codes, I use them. Is that not the standard here? Also–if you ask for “exactly like example” but they provide different – ??? what is OK to say? Thanks!

Even though there are some great designers on Fiverr, there are also many sellers who call themselves designers but probably don’t even know what sanserif means. They just steal from some website any image or video that more or less fits what the client requested, and deliver it. Be careful, and always google the logo or whatever you get prior to accepting and rating the order.

If a seller isn’t even capable of using the font you told him, find another one. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to ask for the font, color, etc. of your choice.