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I was LOLing at Crystal Palace :laughing::joy: [NUFC should win against Stoke City. Let’s see]

I come from brighton.

I am raised to loathe Crystal Palace.


shakes fist

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I got nothing against them, but they have been so pathetic this season and what do they do, sack Frank de Boer and bring in a 70-year old has been. 0-5 now, will soon be 0-8. This is really entertaining stuff. LOL.

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Amazingly entertaining!

Now I just want to see Southampton falter, and this season will be awesome.

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The relegation battle this season is really the best part - there are 12 teams in the mix, all terrible. LOL.

Brighton aren’t terrible. Take that back!

I was talking about Crystal Palace…[But Brighton are obviously in the same relegation battle. 20th spot has been decided, it’s about 18th and 19th now…real fun stuff.] [Awesome, we got great options this season - I can select which game I want to watch on the same channel - all matches are available.]

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If you follow League Europa, you will see how terrible my home team is. They had lost 5:0 to Zenit. That’s a bad team, and on top of it, they charge astronomical prices for their tickets (at least for our standards). And on top of the top of it, I have purchased a seasonal ticket, as I thought I would watch some goods matches.

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Which team?..

FC Vardar, it’s their debut in a European championship.

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I love watching terrible teams, I find Barcelona boring. LOL.

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I don’t like the Spanish league in general. I only watch football when local teams play or just the major finals.

But you won’t like watching terrible teams, if your team is terrible. I mean Zenit, was able to score five goals out of five shot attempts. :slight_smile:

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True that!.. It’s the sadist in me that likes watching these teams and then looking at the reaction of the supporters…LOL. [Right now I am waiting for Leicester City to blow it…]

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All of my teams become terrible, in all sports, basketball, football, and handball. Maybe it’s because I am pessimistic when it comes to sports, maybe I am their bad luck.

My basketball team, from a good contender in the league, started losing by -20 from the worst teams. My handball team started playing in a second-tier European league. And my football team is losing. :slight_smile:

See that’s the reason, why I stopped following sports, and politics, it’s the same thing. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eoin, maybe you can make it (sports in General)? :slight_smile:

Today, I’m gonna talk all about cricket - India vs. Australia on…I have already raised a war cry with my match preview for a sports betting site :slight_smile:

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Well, I wish I knew more about cricket. Except, that it’s a popular sport in the Commonwealth countries, and that India is a superpower.

Man, Indian team is playing very badly, spoiled my day. It’s Aussies all the way so far.

Oh boy, didn’t cricket matches last for days? If so, India might have a chance to turn around the game. I repeat I don’t know the rules, cricket and baseball are astrophysics for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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