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Ok so firstly every forum should have one of these threads!

Anyway what team does everyone support?

I have to say I am a Portsmouth Fc man myself and we have been doing rubbish. I reckon Madmoo is a Liverpool fan hehe.


I strongly agree with you.

i am a Manchester united fan. and i am looking strongly to shout the hurrays with Ferguson and his boys.


Reply to @synaptium: losing to Norwich…dear oh dear… by the way I’m a chelsea fan :slight_smile:


Haha I use to look the way of the Red, but then growing up in Chichester you kind of don’t reall have a team to support!

I do support Holland though hence the Oranje :slight_smile:

Van Persie looks on form again :slight_smile:


I bought my brother a Manchester United cap when I was in England 3 years ago, he was wearing it last week when I visited with him, does that count that I support MU then?


Yes I think that probably does count in the eyes of a Manchester United Director.


It also counted that the MU cap was red which is the color of his favorite college foot (slam into each other without breaking bones) ball team, the Georgia Bulldogs. This photo shows how I feel about the dawgs…go vols (please, now that Dooley is heading back to Athens)



Haha awesome!

Georgia Bulldogs… There is something about those two words that just doesn’t go!

Or is that just me.


Haha I have been to two Nottingham matches, both of which Portsmouth won hehe :slight_smile:


Reply to @markp: that match really was painful… was already dreaming of sitting on top.


Reply to @madmoo: supporting the underdogs sounds so much like me when i started spending time with soccer.


I think that is OG’s viewpoint too haha.

Us men care about football you see…


Reply to @madmoo: exactly the way it was years back; that was my default answer then…

if you spend some more time than you presently do, you might just end up being a fan… at least it worked for me…

hey where are the gunners, the cats, spurs… lets bring this place to live with a little bit of soccer


Ruud Gullet is my fav!!!

Omg! In a American Teenage Yelp*

Who were you cheering on in the last world cup?


Reply to @madmoo: now i hands off…


It is going to be a major shock to the system when I come back to England in December and literally walk into the Premiership cold. I mean I literally have no idea what is going on, other than Van Persie is doing great again! No shock there.


Haha great that has given me and OG another idea for what dog to get!


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Oh yeah her is wearing Vol Orange! Go UT (please?)




All we need now are some spurs and Arsenal fans to join up then the fun will really start…