🏈 Whelp, It's SUPERBOWL Sunday


…In The States.


If I get another invite to attend a party. I’m going to scream an EXPLETIVE. :smiling_imp:
Honestly, I don’t even know who made the cut, the plays are confusing the only two things I know are ‘Touchdown’ and ‘Interception’. :grimacing:

Just a bunch of big dudes kicking ballz a ball. :boom:

The muscles is kinda sexy (hunkalove) :blush:

I watched a few halftime shows, but that declined over the years.

But that’s about it!!!

Are you ready for some football? :laughing:


I am typically a football addict, but this year, not so much!

I, too, was invited and I said, “Yes.” I kinda sorta changed my mind, want a quite day at home before the crazy week at work - it’s too late to cancel.

My team didn’t make it, so I’m rooting for Atlanta. (Humm, couldn’t find a falcon emoji)


Way to go for brushing ‘em off LOL. ^5 R&R sounds nice! Oooh, so Atlanta made it…Seeing different teams is always a bonus. Watching the same ol’, same ol’ teams in the finals start to get blah & boring.

As for the emoji tried finding a hawk or any kinda bird, no luck :grinning:


I had a really cool experience this Super Bowl. I am usually just enough of a fan to watch an occasional game with family, mainly if it’s the local college team or the one of the state’s pro teams. My parents invited us to come to their house this year and we haven’t lived close enough to them to do much with them until recently.

They are both near 80 so I try to take advantage of the opportunities. When I was growing up they were reserved and unemotional. The next 30 years I lived too far away to see them much and when we did, they were still inexpressive. It’s changed some since I moved back here.

Tonight wee took some pizza and beer, laughed or groaned at the commercials, cheered along for whatever made them happy. It was kind of cool that this one was a little historical since it was the first one to tie and go into a short overtime. it was quiet and easy and somehow my family got a little closer by the end. My parents gave us big hugs when we left and said that they loved us.

I guess the Super Bowl was just an excuse to get together, but I feel like I won, no matter how the game went! :football::purple_heart::medal:


Tom Brady is a superstar!


panem et circenses


@fonthaunt Aw sounds like you had a great time with your parents. In essence the superbowl doesn’t always bring the drunken folks together, but quality time spent with family, and I LOVE IT! The :pizza: joints made a killing yesterday. As for me, I was :sleeping: through most of it… I remember The Flacons was up a few points. So, I figured they had it in the bag, woke up to Lady Gaga extravaganza. More sleepy time :sleeping: then woke up to The Patriots winning. :smile:

51 Commercials re-cap


@writer99025 I’m partial to the underdogs. Do you watch a lot of American football? What are some India’s popular sports?


Sounds about right :joy:


I actually saw American Football for the first time today…a full game, I mean. It’s not too popular here. Here we like cricket and soccer.


Wow, well there’s always a first time for everything! You probably understood the plays better than I did LOL. I usually take naps during cricket. Really starting to like soccer, at this point I guess variety is the spice of life! :sunglasses:


Very kind of you to say soccer and not by its real non-American name football!!!