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For 3 months since I got here any help?

I was getting orders and giving unique content to my buyers just suddenly stop because of 1 negative reviews any idea to help me out here please?

I think your gigs look ok still --I got one negative review and it just made me so down, especially since I worked really hard on it with multiple revisions. The only good thing is that it shows my gig and I think people can see it’s not as bad as the review says. I would offer that you make 2 or 3 more gigs. Might help

The buyer claims that the work you sent was not original, and he identifies its source. And the examples he gives indicate the article had very poor grammar and demonstrated poor use of language, as does your response to the buyer. I understand that typos happen and sometimes a mistake or two slips by, but it seems that the buyer’s complaint is legitimate. I think it’s not just the low rating, it’s the reason for the low rating that is keeping buyers away. If that order is indicative of how you usually work, then maybe you should reconsider selling writing or editing gigs, since these don’t seem to be where your talents lie.

Same here, some douche wasnt happy with the order instead of asking for changes he submitted a negative review, havent got much work since, its now 6 months of that (since I dont rely on fiverr for income it isnt much of a problem, but I can imagine how it is for someone ho has made this their job)

Digital 404 - it looks like your product information page could use some proofreading too. I agree with celticmoon. To put it bluntly, your English skills seem rather poor. Perhaps you could try other things, such as doing voice-overs in your native language, or pitching innovative ideas to technology-related firms. It does not seem that your linguistic skills rank first in your skill sets.

As I said in another posting. Don’t do gigs just because you think they have been popular. Do gigs you are good at because that talent for it will show through. That is what has helped keep me going.