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For $5 I Will Prank Call Your Friend


For $5 I will make a humorous call to your friend that will make his/her day as they will die with laughter or at least have a memorable chuckle. I will call you if you are in Jamaica, The US, or even Canada.

An example of a prank I could do is:

Callee: "Hello"

Me: "Hello, Good day. Is Mr. Wall there?"

Callee: "No"

Me: "Oh, he’s not. Okay, may I speak with Mrs. Wall then?"

Callee: "What? Who? No"

Me: "Darn. All right, well let me speak with Jonathan Wall then"

Callee: "There is no one here by that name sir"

Me: "Wow. Are you telling me none of the walls are there?"

Callee: "No man, no Walls here"

Me: "Wait, there are no Walls there you say?"

Callee: "None"

Me: “So may I ask you what is holding up your roof?”