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For $5i buyers can now ruin your career on Fiverr


I did a job for a buyer and submitted two videos, he said everything including sound and acting was perfect but background wasn’t white enough

I adjusted the background and submitted two more videos then he left a 1 star review behind

I contacted him and asked why he didn’t let me know that he still didn’t like the background (no response)

I sent an email to CS and they responded promptly, they told me I could send the buyer a request for modification of the review he gave me which I did, I also refunded his money back to him afterwards

Unfortunately, the buyer left me a 2star review after the modification was done.
When I contacted him he didn’t give me any further reasons for his actions.


Just a friendly tip:

You can check the previous reviews by the buyer with the help of Google.

Search “buyer username”

I think, there should be a rating system for buyers too.


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A refund no longer removes negative feedback. It can only be removed with the buyers permission.


So the thread title needs to be updated to “Buyers can now ruin your career for free” :joy:


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The policy was changed about a month ago. You can read more about it by visiting the " Help " section

I am slightly confused what do you mean by saying “If you are not paid”?


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I understand what you are saying now.


It’s not all bad though. Think about it, there actually are bad sellers, and not all sellers are equal, some of them provide better service than others. Let’s say you are one of the good ones. In that case, it helps you to have a rating system where the buyers are able to rate bad sellers according to their experience with them, even if the sale was later refunded (a refund also is an indicator of a bad buyer-seller experience). This will stop bad sellers from exploiting the rating system by using refunds as a way to hide bad reviews.


That is a legit case assuming we are using ‘bad seller’ as a common phrase for someone with bad technical skill, but there is another set of bad sellers, ones who have technical skills but bad delivery times or bad communication or bad customer service.

In that case, maybe they do good work and deliver 70% of their gigs on time but cannot deliver 30% on time and get late delivery and bad review and the buyer asks for a refund after deadline. (Classic example of someone who is juggling a regular job and Fiverr simultaneously) In that case, this new system makes sure that the buyer gets his money back but is still able to tell other prospective buyers through his review that this seller has a high probability of delivering late so beware.

If the review was removed, then a lot of buyers will continue to place orders and get late deliveries.


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It took me some time, but I have come to think to agree with @silkroute about this . It also means that sellers who do reasonable work will be paid and won’t have a reason to madly throw refunds at any buyer who wants a reasonable revision that was offered with the price of the gig. I don’t think Fiverr is going to reverse this decision, either, so personally I think I might as well look on the bright side.


@vedmak There is no longer a reason to have late orders like this, though. Another change that has been made is that Fiverr allows sellers to request extra time and buyers can permit it. It can’t be overused, but it does work. If a seller really is still running late often due to a high volume of orders, they need to limit orders or extend delivery times. Sellers must only accept a volume they can handle within the time they offer, and for exceptions like illnesses the delayed delivery request is right there.


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Why should the buyer have to be the one to take the brunt for it? Such a seller wants to deliver late but doesn’t want that to reflect on his feedback. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. If any seller anticipates a high volume of sales, he can simply increase his delivery time on his gig sales page to honestly reflect the turnaround time that the buyer can expect.

To make a “48 hours delivery” promise on your gig page and then to deliver late and claim that “I have a lot of orders, you can’t blame me” is not done. It’s false advertising.

Did you just run out of good logical arguments so you went to my profile to check out my review count to manufacture an ad hominem comeback? Don’t worry about me, I can handle my stuff. Thank you for your well wishes though, assuming it really was a well wish and not a veiled threat. Everyone on this thread has tried their best to stay objective while registering their views. Raise your standard of argument, don’t get personal if you aren’t able to convince others of your point of view.


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This is exactly what I would have answered. :slight_smile: Edit: add: High volume sellers and low volume sellers will have to be held to the same standard if buyers are going to purchase here over a much longer term.


Maybe a seller’s duration on the site has no bearing on the policy changes because once a new policy is in place, it affects everyone consistently, regardless of how many years of experience they have under their belt. One can debate about the merits/demerits of a policy based on its own facts. In the course of just 3 response, you have thrown muck at me, Fiverr TOS and Fiverr CS staff instead of just making objective points to corroborate your opinion claiming that the new policy is unfair.

That’s not a stellar example of good convincing skills

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