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For $5i buyers can now ruin your career on Fiverr


It happens ,some buyers are just cruel, you design something they really like, and over deliver , next thing they leave such a rating. I’m sorry u had to experience such



From the point of view of a buyer, it’s a one on one deal for them and all the other sales that the seller has in the pending queue is orthogonal. If (Lvl 1) seller A promises 48 hour delivery, and (Lvl 2) seller B promises 4 day delivery, then that is the promise that the buyer is going to hold the seller to, regardless of the other sales that the seller is working on.

The onus of delivery really is on the seller, they can either figure out a way to deliver quick, or rewrite their gig page to reflect the realistic turnaround time that the buyer can expect. Every seller knows the estimate of how much time it takes for them to deliver 1 gig, and how many average sales they get in a day. They can simply multiply these variables and get a good idea of what delivery time they can offer.

Here we have sellers who want to create a Fiverr empire based on falsely advertising their delivery time. That is the quickest way to be aggravated.


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But they cannot cancel the order or initiate a refund from their end for not liking the quality of work. Fiverr TOS states that they can only initiate refund if the things that are delivered are different than promised.

Case A : If the seller promises to make 1 logo for 5$ and they deliver 1 logo, the buyer cannot ask for a refund for not liking the ‘style’ of the logo.

Case B : If the seller promises 1 logo for 5$ and they deliver 1 logo, and the buyer leaves bad feedback, even the seller cannot offer a refund in exchange for feedback removal.

Fiverr is trying to mitigate refunds. It makes sure sellers get paid, Fiverr retains revenue and does not get a bad credit rating for many refunds.


For someone who claims to take Fiverr as something to have fun with, you clearly don’t seem to be having a lot of it. :slight_smile:

If your revenues don’t match your expenses, then it’s a personal problem, Fiverr TOS has nothing to do with it. Instead of getting aggravated and blaming Fiverr TOS, there are ways to increase revenue, like skill upgradation, perhaps? because, Fiverr is unlikely to change their TOS just because one seller, (or many) does not find the TOS to be fun enough.

If the feedback really is malicious, Fiverr CS does remove it. @emmaki had made a forum post about her experience with bad feedback. She made a strong case, she was able to convince CS, and the feedback was removed.


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Lol… I’m so glad I found this thread.

I love when people claim that they’re holier than thou because they have zero negative reviews. Most of those people are the same ones who under-perform but achieved a “spotless record” by offering mutual cancellations to have the buyers take down their reviews in exchange for a refund. Every marketplace will have unhappy customers, so honestly, claiming to have never received a negative review just makes you seem all the more suspicious.

Honestly, I think the change is a good one in the right direction to prevent sellers from using a refund as a bargaining chip to falsely represent the quality and timeliness of their service.

Bottom line, if you’re unhappy, then leave. If you don’t want negative feedback, perform at a higher rate. Fiverr CS is taking harsher stances, yes, however if a review you get is unwarranted and you can prove it (opposed to just complaining about it), they are obligated to remove disingenuous reviews as stated in their Feedback Removal Policy.