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For a gig of $ 60 Fiverr pays only $48?


In addition to the 5% charged to the buyer, I think too much and also you must meet the requirements of the deadlines set by fiverr that in many cases are not justified since the customer does not respond and ask questions and end up passing the deadline as you are new.


The obvious is to say that if you don’t like how Fiverr works, then you’re free to find an alternative, I suppose.


and you haven’t withdraw yet, another $1 charge on paypal and paypal fees on top but as offlinehelpers says if you don’t like it, leave it


Guys it is not cool to be rude when giving advice or telling information, this is a global platform with people from different cultures, cultural sensitivity is a virtue… “If you don’t like it, leave it” is not cool thing to say, you could say, these are the rules, and nothing we can do about it but to accept it.

It is cool to be culturally sensitive sometimes and sarcasm may mean differently to different cultures, even offensive to others… just saying…


And you people can’t read between the lines and always speculate on who we are and what we do, this guy comes and moans about Fiverr fees, did he read the rules? did he asked anything before starting with gigs? Do you need to be from a dedicated culture to understand this?

So yes, you even agree with fees and if you are not happy, leave… as simple as 1-2-3 I wasn’t happy with another platform, I left, I am aware of the fees and don’t complain, I stay


If you think about it, Fiverr is justified to take a percentage of what we earn. They let us use the platform for free and help deliver paying customers to us without charging us a penny. We get to work on a great platform and paying a little big of our earnings is the price for this.

If you’re not happy about this then there are other platforms that you could use which may take less money away but Fiverr is probably one of the best website around for freelancers.


Fiverr never set up any deadlines, you set up the deadlines when you create the gig. The 5% that is charged to the buyer well that’s the buyer being charged. Did you actually read the fine fiverr print…"Thou shall be charged 20% of the overall sale"
The withdrawal fees are charged by paypal since they also must make profit(I think)


Try to not look at it like ‘I have to pay 20%’ but like ‘Hey, I don’t have to pay a single penny until actually someone buys something from me, I can use their infrastructure, buyers come along to buy my gig without me paying for a website and for advertising,… and I get to keep 80%’.


I see you still want to be rude… you can direct the seller to the rules page or let someone else do, you don’t have to be smart about it… it is cultural thing… Fiverr would never say to anyone take it or leave it, they will explain nicely and direct the seller to the rules, not everyone reads rules, and people can express what bothers them and they will be reminded the rules politely and professionally… There is not point being smartas*** about it…


I have looked at few platforms, I agree Fiverr is great platform and fiverr doesn’t charge more than anyone else, 20% is normal considering all the services you get… I see it fair… @lunawolf61 good advice …


Think whatever you like LOL, rules should be read BEFORE not AFTER if in your world you get plenty of stuff for being polite with anyone, good for you, in mine you ve got to be a wolf not a sheep. Take it as you want, I am not bothered


And to you being rude is being wolf??? You could also let someone else reply to the person, and not bother yourself with unnecessary rudeness, maybe you think it is cool to be smarta**, I do not get what being sheep or wolf has anything to do with being polite with your advices? I am replying to bother you, I am just saying no point of hurting someone who is expressing with rude and unnecessary words. That is all, I honestly do not mean any disrespect.


Thanks for the answers.

My doubt was that fiverr charges 20% to the seller and 5% to the buyer in total 25%.

My service is not 100% free, since I have to pay for proxies and servers.
Also in my country we have 21% of taxes so I personally do not know how can people earn a living with this I see very difficult. This was my doubt.

I understand that the idea is to see this as a way to earn some money, just like there are thousands of other way in the internet fiverr is not all gold what you see from the outside.

This is my experience


Instead of charging $60, charge $70, or $80 - maybe even $100.
Fix your prices so that you are paid what you need to make it worthwhile. I have never paid for advertising my Fiverr gigs, nothing to do with my Fiverr sales ever cost me money. 20% is a fair price, especially when you consider that you only pay it on what you earn.
I would also suggest studying the Terms of Service to ensure you don’t get any more surprises.


Hello, I have no problem at all with the fees fiverr charges. They deserve it.

Thousands of people earn good livings on this site. I never even think about what fiverr takes because they are a partner in my business and I couldn’t do this without them.


I pay $200 on a $1000 order. It’s steep but that’s $800 I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise anyways.


I wouldn’t have a problem with them taking 20% but from what I have experienced and read from the forums, they should really work on some policies and customer service improvements if they want a high percentage service fee like that.


Sorry but it really is not a high service fee. Not when you look at your impressions and see what they are doing for you.

Some sellers seem so unaware of what this site does for them.
They not only bring your gigs into the view of hundreds and thousands of potential buyers, but they also take care of all payment processing and provide support. All people seem to see is that 20% being taken out.

There is no other site like this where you get so much for so little. This is the greatest opportunity on the internet. Just look around at the thousands of sellers who make this their full time job and support themselves and their families for years from income from fiverr.


I agree with you, I find it very reasonable what Fiverr charge, at first I was confused about it but later after reading and comparing with other platforms, I find it very reasonable and you are right many don’t seem to realize the services they get from the platform…


You sell PPC related stuff. Look at it this way.
My 5 gigs have, in total, been seen by over 80,000 people in 6 months! Over 7,000 people have clicked on my gigs! How much would that exposure have cost if I was running a Google ad campaign? The type of work I do is highly competitive on Google Ads, running at between $2 and $4 per click.
Average $3.00 = $21,000 to get that many clicks.
I have only paid for the clicks that have converted, nothing else. Tell me how that is not worthwhile and fair.