For all sellers "STAY ALERT" away from Fiverr SPAM


Today i had a message from some one else, i think it’s spam because it’s not came real fiverr team.Then i checked their logo but it’s not very clear one it’s shaded so i didn’t do anything just say thanks.

any one have experience about this…

Here attached images check it.


should i raise ticket for this or can i contact them via twitter


You can report on facebook or twitter this user . so fiverr will resolve it faster

If you open a ticket, it can take several days


and you should click “report” below your message via this user.


I also got caught to this bugger!! I opened a support ticket as well. but still no response from fiverr CS…My revenues all are gone and security questions everything is not mine now…: totally disappointed now… :frowning:


I also got the same message but reported it asap


Reply to @kjblynx:

Really helpful


Reply to @madhurab:

OH really keep updating CS they will help you


Reply to @tusharattar:

i also reported


Lol fiverr will contact you professionally. Look at their rating for one. That should have been the first flag. If you ever aren’t sure about something it’s best to just talk to fiverr directly through the only for sure way.


Does anybody know, what i can do if an order is not delivered on the expected time.

I try to contact him, but he doesnt answer my request.