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For almost 1 week my sales dramatically droped

Hello again Fiverr community!

Did anybody notice a drop in sales over the past 1/2 weeks? I didn’t change anything to my main gig and from around 45-50 daily orders, now I barely get 5-8 new orders at most. I’ve discussed with some of other top sellers from my category and they indeed noticed the same issue, but they are not even close to me. Every single one (except me) still has around 150 up to 200 orders in queue, and I’m struggling with max 10 orders in queue.

Is anything wrong with the algorithm, or does Fiverr changed something because I’m confused and everything I tried these 2 weeks to resurrect the gig, unfortunately, didn’t work at all…I’m waiting for your thoughts or ideas, any help is much appreciated!

Thank you, guys!


@logozona786 Could you please be more specific? Are you encountering the same issue? If yes, could you please let me know when it started and how many orders did you get? And also how many orders are you receiving now? Thanks!

David He is spamming, I don’t have answer to your question either but the guy who commented first is spamming in my opinion…


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I was thinking of asking someone to check to see if they can see my gigs anywhere.
I have had almost no orders lately.

So, nobody is affected by this lately?

Did you read my reply above yours?

We’ve all been affected for ages. I don’t qualify for food stamps in my country and I’m so poor now that I have to eat actual stamps.

Welcome to poverty club. Please leave any assault weapons at the door and help yourself to a cup of thrice brewed food bank tea.


I will earn much less than half what I usually earn this month. This is the first time in my entire time here that it’s been this bad.

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slightly OT

I see 4 of your gigs on the 1st page for “Astrology & Readings”, with the ‘Sort by Recommended’ filter which seems to be my default.

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And how many orders did you get daily before dropping in sales?

I don’t publish that information.


Is there any valid reason for that?

Thank you, are they near the top or bottom or middle?

I ran out of likes. :heart:

I ran out of likes . . .:heart:

1 in the top row 3rd spot, 3 in different rows in the middle.

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I never even take time to chek.

I don’t see how # of orders is really relevant.

A seller could have 40×$5=$200 or 5×$100=$500.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :heart:

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