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For Anyone Struggling To Make Money on Fiverr!

I want to talk to the new sellers here. I know it is hard at the beginning, getting no orders, spending all this time creating gigs and making no money. Just sitting there, refreshing you page, waiting for a Notification to pop up.
I know people who has spend money on traffic and other means of ranking and getting those precious orders flowing, without much success.
Luckily there is way that worked from me to exit this situations. I daily routine and piece of good advice you can follow to just get the orders. So massage me if you are interested, I will tell you all about Buyer Requests, Gig Ranking, Repeated Customers and maybe get you into profit.

Hello. I’m pretty new on this platform. I did start making gigs (also making sure it fits in the rules and whatnot of this website). What I find confusing is the difference between impression and views. I am a bit confused when it comes to that.

Message me, I will explain everything. Just don’t want to to overwhelm the thread.