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For anyone who doubts if it's legal or not

I have a gig where I’m offering to promote gigs for other sellers on facebook throught facebook ads. All these years I’m offering this service I saw many fiverr sellers and buyers having doubts regarding if promoting fiverr gigs is legal. I had my own doubts too, since all these years I never got a clear answer from customer support. I mean, I asked them before creating this gig explaining in details the service I was going to offer and they told me it’s ok to promote gigs on facebook but then again, when I contacted CS to ask if something has changed regarding this kind of promotion, they gave me a kinda confusing answer. Yesterday, I decided to send them another message and here is the answer I got. I hope this will clear things for anyone who was thinking that this kind of service might be against fiverr’s terms of use :slight_smile:


I don’t see a part where CS said it’s ok to use fb ads for promotion

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Here is is an older reply from CS regarding facebook ads :slight_smile:

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:innocent: Thanks for the info @paschalisblack it actually is extremely useful! :star_struck:

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Get ready for a swarm of inexperienced sellers offering to promote your gig to 500,000 Facebook accounts.


There are already many fiverr sellers who copied my gig’s image / description and offer the same service. In the past, I used to report them but I don’t bother anymore.

Hope you saw my answer below.

I’m glad my post was helpful :slight_smile: