For Bitcoin Enthusiasts Only


This won’t mean anything to none Bitcoin investors/enthusiasts. If you do hold funds, though, have you secured your private keys in order to get BCC? And if so, what do you plan to do with it?

Personally, I’m holding as even if I lose out on a momentary cash in, I see BCC as much more viable than BTC in the long term. It would be cool to hear some other peoples thoughts though. (Just not from the Bitcoin What is it/Hater crowd).


Last time I checked my bitcoin wallet was last year, So, I guess I am not that enthusiastic, lol. Would be nice to hear some news from some bitcoin enthusiasts though.


Well, I’ve quadrupled the value of my Bitcoins since this time last year. In this case, you might want to take a look at your wallet!


Can you cash bitcoins in for real money? What if they suddenly go out of business?


@misscrystal Yes, you can, from an ATM special for bitcoin. :slightly_smiling_face:


@cyaxrex I did check it, thanks. Unfortunately I have less than one bitcoin in my wallet now, so, I don´t have much (Edited: I still got some profit though and it is nice to know, lol). I did not use bitcoin for investment purpose at that time. I wish I had a lot bitcoins though.

NB: But I personally don´t really understand the logic behind it, it is too complicated for me to understand. I almost invested in bitcoin but I had my doubts, I was indecisive and somehow forgot about it. One of friends now who lives in Germany had bought bitcoins years ago when it was only like $100 per bitcoin, now he can harvest his investment. So if you have quadrupled the value of your bitcoins, that´s great! :slight_smile:


There is no business as there is no company behind it. As far as I know the ATM machines are operated by anyone just like they operate money changer (they put those ATM machines to make percentage on the deals). There is no banks or government behind bitcoin (I coud be wrong but that´s what I understand).


I googled bitcoin ATM’s and found a review for a place that sells and buys them:

Please do not purchase any Bitcoins from this ATM. They have VERY HIGH FEES… I purchased $1,000 worth of Bitcoin and they charged me $226 and I didn’t know the fees were that high until after the Bitcoins was sent to my wallet.


That I cannot answer, I am confused myself, lol. But just a heads up, we don´t use an ATM card (there is no bitcoin ATM card) to do a transaction (for instance if we want to withdrawn some money) at a bitcoin ATM. We have the wallet online, so what we need is our smartphone to do a transaction at the ATM.


Perhaps it´s because it all depends on how much people want to sell it. Now I suddenly got a small headache from talking about bitcoin. It is almost like talking about algorithm. :joy::joy:


You don’t need an ATM to withdraw your earnings as cash, a lot of the companies allow you to withdraw directly into your bank account and the fees aren’t that bad. Lately I’ve been more focused on ETH, so I’m not much help for the OP’s question.


You are right, but it is an option (the ATM). :slightly_smiling_face:


@Misscrystal Like I said in the OP, this thread is just for people who own and use Bitcoin. On a separate thread a while ago on the same subject, you made very similar comments and this thread is not here to answer peoples questions or debate which is better gold, Donald Trump tokens, or Avocados as a means of currency.


Did you buy into ETH when it was still really low? Also, I have some ETH but I am really not happy with the Wallet eating up more space on my HD every day. In this case, I am looking for a way to create a paper wallet but I haven’t found a means to do that yet which I am 100% comfortable with.


So should I trash my comments?


No, I just don’t want this to descend into a debate about Bitcoin vs other investment vehicles.

There has been a big event in the Bitcoin world and since I know that a lot of people who use Fiverr also use Bitcoin, I was hoping to see what peoples opinions on this event might be. - Sorry if I sounded a bit brutish. Reading my comment back it does sound like this but that was not my intention.


Somewhat low, but not low enough. I purchased around the end of May when 1 ETH was about $130 in CAD. I wish I would have bought more in May for when it spiked in mid June to over $500 CAD. It’s not at a great price right now, but I’m hoping for more of a long term investment on this. I’m curious about paper wallets too, I’m only using a Jaxx wallet right now which I’ve been happy with thus far, but I think there’s no harm in creating a paper one as well… I’m just too lazy to do it at the moment haha. I’ve looked at some tutorials online, and found this if all else fails: :joy:


It sounds like we both bought into ETH at the same time. I was greedy though. I bought in because it is possible to instantly transfer ETH to Bitcoin and my plan was to buy .5 Eth, wait for it to double in value, transfer this to BTC, and then buy low again when the price dropped to what it is at now. - The problem is I was waiting for ETH to go to $500 US and it only got as high as 4.

I personally would look into a paper wallet for any ETH which you are looking to hold long term. With Bitcoin there are now 2x coins, regular Bitcoin and something called Bitcoin Cash. The problem is that while anyone with Bitcoin should have been credited with an equivocal amount of Bitcoin Cash the moment it was created, only people will offline wallets are getting the BTC Cash as most exchanges and wallet providers are keeping it for themselves. - Anyway, since ETH was created in exactly the same way as the new Bitcoin Cash token, it is worth always keeping an eye on what is going on and moving funds offline in the event of any uncertainty.