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For Buyer Request might your account will be ban [CLOSED]

Hello All Fiverr Sealer
We know Buyer Request is how much important for both new and old sealer.You can get many order from here. Also i got my all order from Buyer Request. But unfortunately some sealer both new and old misuse this Buyer Request section. They promote their gig or his/her skill on Buyer Request.

Today my one of Fiverr sealer friend promote his gig on Buyer Request Section and after 3 hours later Fiverr ban his Account. He was Level 2 sealer.

So this is Tips or request for my all Fiverr sealer friend from me that please don’t promote your gig on Buyer Request section. Because your account might be ban if you misuse this section.

If you want to know how to promote your gig then please read Fiverr Forum post because here you can see many post about how can you promote your gig.

yes , i agree with you :slight_smile:

Buyer Request is not the place to promote your gigs. They will definitely cancel your gig.

thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

yes you are right but now a days you can see more sealer promote their gig on buyer request section. So that you can not see enough request from real buyer

well fiverr has rules and regulations promoting your gig through buyer request is against thier rules

This is the reason they may ban someone for making it worse. Your tip is correct and said all there is. In the meantime, when you read Buyer Request, just click remove on the seller ads you see there. Those are useless posts that no buyer will ever see. After you remove them, you can see what is left.