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Hi everyone in forum…

I created this thread…only to act as a bridge between buyers and sellers… Never SPAM anything that are against Fiverr Terms of Service please :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: Now For SELLERS :-

Submit your gig and explain about the Qualities and Offers of your gig…so that any buyer who is in search for such a niche would directly have fiverr contact and order your gig… :wink: :wink: :wink:

Now For BUYERS :-

If you are in need for a gig of any particular niche…post your requirements and expectations in this thread so that any seller who is offering such service will have fiverr contact with you…and Boost their sales… :wink: :wink: :wink:


Please post this thread in any relevant threads so that this would really act as a perfect bridge between those who want their gigs to be in First page :
and those who missed the particular niche gigs when it appeared in First page :wink: If Even one gig is Engaged from This thread then I will be the Happiest Person :smiley: :* :smiley:

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Great idea! I suggest we write a form like this:

Gig name: Dance like Michael Jackson to promote your products

Gig description:

My gig is very unique with Michael Jackson style dancing. I can dance to any songs. I will hold a sign with a name on to promote anything you want.

Who needs this gig?

Musicians, music producers, etc use my gig most to promote their music

Youtube advertisers, Website owners use my gig to promote their products, sites

Gig link:


Gangnam style dance

Harlem Shake dance

Best regards

Tu Michael


Another gig of mine, it is still new so I just want to promote it too

Gig name: Promote Your Gig on my blog

Gig description:

This gig will help you to increase traffic of your gig. Nothing is better than backlinks from Blog focus on promoting Fiverr Gigs. I will place a Banner Ad on the sidebar of my blog for ONE MONTH for 5usd. For extra, I can even buy your gig and leave positive comment and write a review about your gig on the blog

Who needs this gig?

ALL fiverr sellers. especially newbies

Gig link:

Best regards

Tu Michael


Reply to @tumichael: Thanks mate


Gig name: Convert All Old And Future Incoming Spam Comments On Your Wordpress Blogs To Powerful Google Loving Backlinks

Gig description:

This gig will teach you how you can successfully convert spam all comments on your WordPress Blogsites to useful backlinks. You will no longer need to delete spam comments on your blogs as you will after learning from me, be able to take them help increase your search engine rankings speedily without inuring the wrath of Panda Penguin Rules.

Who needs this gig?

ALL WordPress Blogsite Owners.

Gig link:


A lot of my gigs are new just like I am. I do a wide variety of things so just go on and check out my gigs. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much,



I have been drawing since I know myself, and I’ve been working as a professional portrait artist for 7 years now.

I have two gigs for which I provide the highest quality work:

• Drawing your PORTRAIT:

• Drawing your CARICATURE:

As to why anyone should use my services — well, because they really ARE professional works. In the last 7 years, I’ve drawn thousands of people and met tens of other graphic artists, sharing our experience with each other.


(Note: I have attached just a few samples — first two for portraits, last two for caricatures.)


Keep Bringing it…


Reply to @getaportrait: great work :slight_smile: beautifully done!


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I can solve various javascript/jquery/html/css issues and make your site work great or convert psd into html. :-c

here is my gigs:

thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @patdev: I think you should check out request section too often…

There are many who are requesting the same service you are offering…- Convert psd to html…


drawing your picture to a nintendo character

drawing your picture to a marvel character

thank you


Reply to @silentsword18: Awesome…