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For Buyers, Please Try New Sellers

Why dont Buyers trust New Sellers. We have lot time to do the task and we give our best because we want to have more buyers to order.


It’s just like anything else in the world, people want to know it is trusted source first before buying. We all do that in many other ways.

But there are many people who do try out new sellers and like to buy from new sellers. You just have to give it time to happen.

You also do not seem to have real samples. You should show a before photo and after what it looks like and not just use famous person. The other thing is people know that you do not draw it, that you use a computer filter to make it, right?

If you want to address buyers in the Tips for Buyers category, you may not put links to your gigs or profile, directly advertise, or show your samples. That category is for tips only, not any form of advertising.

It is fine if you would like to post a note in that category telling buyers why you think they should buy from new sellers. NO advertising except in My Fiverr Gigs.