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"For Commercial Use" License

I have buyer which want to offer several illustrations and “commercial use” license. Question: “commercial use” license applies all illustrations or buyer need to pay for license of each illustration separately?

Thanks in advance for reply

It’s up to you. What you can do is offer a discount for a bulk order, if your client wants more than four or five.

All I know is that once you deliver the work to the buyer, it no longer belongs to you. Besides, you are forbidden from communicating with buyers outside of Fiverr, so even if you saw your work somewhere else, it wouldn’t matter, there’s nothing you can do.

It’s up to you.

If the all the Illustrations are for one products for example a can opener then you can group the licence to that product. If they were wanting illustrations for several products ie a can opener an hair dryer and a knife then I would advise seperate ones for each. Hope that helps


This isn’t true. Only when you don’t mentioned anything in your gig. Then, the copyrights are automatically given to the buyer indeed. But you can claim your copyrights which is determined by the laws of your country. That you have ownership of your own creations. (In my country at least) Artists often sign a document when they work for a big company but nothing is signed when you work through fiverr. There are still rules but yeah, fiverr gives you the option to claim the copyrights. You can upload your created work as a stock item for example and offer exclusive rights as a gig extra. I would not throw your copyrights out of the window as an artist. But commercial use license is a bit odd. Maybe a really good seller could get away with that because it’s one step futher then making something exclusive.

I would create a custom offer that offers a 10 discount on the full price (with royalty rights) for all the images.

Make sure to explain the cost and discount very clearly to the customer before sending the offer.

Hey, this topic about commercial use, won’t let me sleep at night :slight_smile:
Knowing that internet is such a big place, just how big is the possibility you will “catch the buyer red handed”. Maybe that was fiverr thoughts when they introduced commercial right?

Anyway they need to improve it.

That’s interesting statement. How come if I don’t mention anything in my gig about commercial use, it’s automatically doesn’t belong to me?
Either with or without commercial use, the reality is it was made by me.

Regarding the fiverr giving the option to claim copyright, knowing that there are a lot of sellers(please do not take personally, I just speak generally) who use different materials for their covers and stuff, how can fiverr confirm that “you” are the real owner of your own stuff?

Truth is that we are here a bunch of nicknames, fiverr doesn’t know anyone behind those nicknames.

Truth is fiverr is a wonderful marketplace where people exchange services for money. Seller offer service-buyer offers money. End of story.

Everything around and across it, legal stuff should be well thought and presented.

Please prove me wrong, if I am not right.