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For fiverr account change old server to new

My present server is very old I need to change my fiverr account in new one. How can I do this

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Under your profile option you will get settings option. Go to settings and deactivate your account. Now make a new one account


In new Account my all gig and review will be add?

Don’t do this or your account will be gone.

If you type “changing internet provider” in the search bar above there are several posts which will help you.

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This is not correct if he wishes to change his internet provider.

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@wpmahdinoyon why your giving him wrong information. @farhan_j if you deactivated your account, this will happen with you.

  • Your profile and Gigs won’t be shown on Fiverr anymore.
  • Active orders will be cancelled.
  • You won’t be able to re-activate your Gigs.

so dont do that if you dont find any solution do contact with customer support.


So. I will never be able change my old server.

Yes you can change your internet provider without any problem. Did you not do the search as advised in my previous post?


If you mean change your internet provider then go ahead and change it. I use two different ones in my home. Fiverr does not care what you use to provide internet service.


I want to change my laptop. My laptop is now old, I want to buy a new . Is it possible to change my fiverr account to new laptop?

You can use your fiverr account on different devices, you can change your laptop.


Are you sure? Have real experience about this?

You can use your one Fiverr account on as many devices as you like, all at the same time if you want.

Nothing to worry about - enjoy your new laptop! :slightly_smiling_face: