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For getting level 2 seller

hello everyone,
i want to get an answer and that is if any level 1 seller can not be able to complete 50 orders within two months but will complete 50 orders after the time frame.
will he or she able to be a level 2 seller by fiverr?
what have to do?
thank you and waiting for nice replies.

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Hi. You have to have 50 orders completed within a 2 month period. It doesn’t matter which 2 months it is, but 50 orders within 2 months is the only way to level up


hello,is that means if i have 30 orders in a month that means i have to get more 20 orders in that month?
or if i wont get it .
so will it count for a new months for 50 orders?

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If you get 30 orders in a month, you will have to get 20 within the next month to get it.
The count doesn’t restart, but lets say in the first month you get 30 orders, at exactly one order per day. If you get 19 orders in the next 30 days, then even if you get an order on the 31st day, you will still be on 49, because the order from the first day in the first month will no longer count.

I’m not sure if that makes sense but I hope it helps.


thank you and i got much more information from you.thanks for the help.

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No worries, good luck!


Is a month equal to 30 days? Or does it depend on the current time of the year?

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That’s one aspect I’m not entirely sure of the answer to. I would just judge it as roughly 30 days. If you’re close to 50 orders in 60 days then you’re going to get it eventually anyway, unless you really screw up your gig, so I don’t think the specific day matters too much


It’s just any 2 months and 50 plus orders and great ratings…The 2 months is cumulative I believe from when you started…I just hit the other day myself. Some people say some level 1’s can often get more exposure than level 2’s (but I’m not sure how accurate it is since it’s only been 2 days at level 2 for me but I did read some others in the forum who mentioned this in others posts so I stopped focusing on it). Good luck!

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Thanks for the nice reply

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