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For gigs selection


Am a new user.please suggest me gigs for quickbooks online


Are you looking to provide services?


Yes i want to provide services


Do you have skills in whatever “quickbooks online” is?


Yes i have 2 year experience


Do you have proof of this experience that you can use to support your skills offering? Perhaps something that can be used as a sample of your work?

EDIT: Don’t post images of those samples here, I’m just asking you to think critically, and helping you think about what you would need in order to offer this service here on Fiverr. :wink:


Yes i have but its inetical that i show you some other company financials.


I can manage any company customers.vendors as well as bank.Like other tolls and some people till now use excel for managing finance so with this tool you can manage all you finance easily


I didn’t ask you to show me anything, I just encouraged you to think along the lines of being able to prove your skills – somehow, to those you might want to sell them to. People aren’t likely to purchase services from you, unless you have many positive reviews or proof that you have the skills they would be hiring you for.

You can’t just post a gig, and expect to be instantly flooded with sales and success. You need to prove your abilities, in order to encourage people to hire you.

No, don’t post images of other people’s financials – absolutely not.

Set up a gig for your skills, make that gig captivating, and prove your abilities. That’s how you manage services on Fiverr.


Ok thanks for your advice.


According to my research i can say, there are very few people come on fiverr for quickbooks, i had worked on this category earlier