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For God Sake, Read the Description before placing an order. Please?


It happened to me. the buyer ask something that over capacity from the gig package that he chose. Eventually, I have to cancelled the order and leave the message for him that his job doesn’t match with the gig that i offer. After cancellation, He order me again, with the basic price, and add the requirement…hoplaaaaa!!!..
Then I explain again to him, and direct him to the preimium package. He respond to me: Why are you just telling me now that it have to be in premium package?..whew…I scratched my head that does not itch.





Yes same things happened to me as well. Many buyers ordered my gig and after that they cancelled by asking more jobs to do. That makes our account bad rep. this must be solved.

Thank you


The best thing that you can do with scammers is to report them to your states Attorney General, to IC3 and to the FTC. I am not a seller on Fiverr, but I have tried to sell things on Craigslist and have run across scammers myself and have been told by my state Attorney General’s office to report to people to the people that I mentioned so that they can be investigated, arrested and prosecuted.


I also have such experience. A buyer ordered my $5 basic gig but his demands are more than what was stated in my basic gig package. I sent gig extra, he ignored it, asked him to cancel, he ignored it as well. And fiverr latest update has made it difficult for sellers to cancel orders.


I can so relate with all of you guys. Buyers do need to read the description properly before placing an order to save the inconvenience to both. Sometimes, I get orders which look completely out of place concerning my gigs and then I have to request them for mutual cancellations for no fault of mine. This gets even more frustrating when your buyer just gets vanished after placing an order and then when your order gets cancelled automatically after 3 days, its not considered a mutual cancellation because your buyer did not accept it.


wow , This true please tell them, i once had a buyer who frustrated me, i eventually canceled the order. For Christ’s sake, Read the description


I am also facing the same issue with my forum posting gig where I have clearly mentioned in caps bold that this gig is for forum posting and not promoting your forum to other’s websites, yet I keep receiving such orders where they ask to find forums for them related to their service or products and then leave their links on those forums. One of my orders is hanging and waiting for the buyer to accept the cancellation. And if my client does not get online for 3 days ( 2 days have passed already) it will get cancelled affecting me as than the order will not be considered as the mutually cancelled order.

I am also getting spam messages from other sellers in my inbox asking for tips even when I am a new level 1 seller myself, many of whom just want to have time pass chit chat and asking for friendship and all. This is so frustrating to keep replying them because of this fear that not responding will affect me in some way. Fiverr really need to improve their policies sellers.


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“contact me first before ordering.”

No! Why waste time with that? We’re here to get ORDERS! Write a good gig description, use the F.A.Q. section, then hope for the best.

Besides, you’re going to be buyers that don’t like your work whether they contact you or not. Are you here to have conversations or to make money? I’m here for the money, and there’s no money in talking to people.


That’s right fastcopywriter but the thing is I have come across many buyers who do not even care to read the description or faqs and place their order. They do not even bother to respond back when you send the cancellation request or any of your messages you send them. This feels very frustrating.


ya even i face the same problem, i tell them contact me before placing order, but they will place order without contacting. got frustrated :frowning:


Hello . I am a professional Graphic designer and a photo editor with years of experiences. I am also a creative person which always gives priority to customer’s 100% satisfaction

I can do your work ASAP. If you are interesting in my offer please place an order so I can start your work right away or feel free to INBOX me any time if you have any questions. I will give you 100% MONEYBACK guarantee and a LIFETIME after sales service.


on the contrary. i am a buyer and have horrible experience with fiverrs who don’t read. i literraly write a boook before accepting offer and submit a mock-up of what i want and they still can;t deliver. it’s devious. they want the start ratings and promise the moon but are not really qualified. as a buyer it’s impossible to discern who’s legit on fiverr.

to make matters worse i have fiverrs somehow enacting payments without my approval or acceptance. can someone explain that ?!

se example below and tel me if that’s not CLEAR ENOUGH!
it requires technical skill but almost no creativity since i did the design.

i’m ready to give up fiverr unless someone can tell me how to…


Very well explained stepanadrian. That should definitely help a lot more than " contact me before placing an order" I guess :slight_smile: I often face this issue with one of my forum posting gigs even when I have mentioned in description and have even made a faqs section explaining very clearly what is being offered in that gig yet people place an order for completely out of place things which leads to cancellations :slight_smile:


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Great way to deal with the problem!


This thread is from August 2016.


It’s my understanding from Corporate Fiverr that not replying to subsequent messages does not hurt you in the least.

I often get “buyers” who message me, “Hi!” My response is yes, how can I help you?

If they respond, I ignore and report. Easy.