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is there anyone needed a help from me?
feel free to ask anything if you want to know an want to be successful

I was a Top rated seller recently lost my badge because of delay of delivering and miscommunication, still didn’t get my badge, i hope one day will be again TPS :slight_smile:

by the way i love to help people drop your questions below and check my profile!


do you make use of buyer requests?

Yes i’d buyer requests sometimes. Its a great thing ! but before sending a buyer request read what buyer said there is many sellers posting “I’d business cards / logos” so be safe don’t waste buyer req :slight_smile:


Hello @chathurangak,
First of all, congrats for more than 2800 reviews! Great result!
Do you have some advice for more orders and buyers?
Also, what you think about GIG where I can put all my skills and give buyer chance to make a special request about a project that they need?
Best regards,

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Yes there is tons of advices :slight_smile: im making another thread for it (tips tricks) my personal list of tricks ! will submit them asap.

To give you an idea to get more business is do your best! try more more buyer request option try to offer more designs many things for $5 don’t worry about your time or your skills you have knowledge anyone is in this world can do anything just do it! ask what your buyer want and offer him more than that! don’t even worry about the price. thats the best way to get sales! get reviews more thats important!


Thank you very very much!
I can’t wait to read a new topic.
About my GIGs, I m going in that way that you describe. I make nice buyer requests, I have nice communication, try to have a perfect job and use all my skills to make something perfect for clients. I don’t need money in the start, I m work to learn more and receive more reviews.
I don’t know if we can communicate on some other things, like a social network. I m glad if I can find you on some Social Network profiles for some advice and etc.
Best regards,
P.S. All the best for you and hope so that you will bring back Top Seller soon. :slight_smile:


Yes Boby try all what i said above. And i’ll post an update later today for tips (again this is my own experienced tips and tricks so totally different experience) :slight_smile: so get start and yes you have all the talent an very good mind! go ahead an be success never ever try to ignore messages. make sure to update your clients as always! thats why i lost my badge!

wish you best of luck bro :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the forum but you can inbox me via fiverr account.


Hello @chathurangak,

Congratulation :tada: for more than 2800 reviews I wish you will again TOP RATED SELLER soon.

My Questions:

  1. My Gig is going well then i was changed my Gig Description or i think add video also then i can’t find my GIG in search result i try all keywords or manually search out in 30 pages but i can’t find :sweat: but when i ask my friend to search out my Gig he said your GIG showing on 12 pages but when i try to search my GIG i can’t find there.

  2. I heard from some people’s he said make a social media page for your Fiver GIG name and try to advertise on social media. Is that good step or not if i’ll do this? or what is the procedure I mean what is the best way to do that?

  3. Can you please check my GIG and let me know if there are any problems with description price or video? (if you are free not urgent).

Best Regards

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Thank you for your wish :slight_smile:

To answer your questions-

1)- This same thing already happened to me one of my very famous gig (business card design) gig i did updated the same way you said and then completely i lost orders even can’t find my gig and then i contact our CS to ask about this they said nothing about this i’m really sorry about this my gig were still DOWN :frowning: i think fiverr has some tech SEO issues. try to re update your gigs again ? try new taglines and try new SEO title and add some keywords to your description that might help you.

2)- Yes that was a great great idea! do that don’t think twice Social media is the best way to earn clients! go ahead with that right now. just do that and try to share your facebook page on everywhere. and same as for the fiverr page.

3)- there is few main issues i’ve found on your gigs check below

on the gig called “I will do any Photoshop Work for you” it has really un-scale gig preview make it fit properly ! re-adjust it to fit on the real size of gig preview (you can see it on gig editing page) also few other gigs has the same issue please update them nicely also remove that Level 1 Badge it doesn’t mean anything :slight_smile:

lastly your designs are perfect you have great knowledge about graphics go ahead an continue the work that might improve your creativity. make sure to watch youtube tutorials of new things new tools new plugs :slight_smile: and remember always try to offer new things in different ways! like deals / packages! :slight_smile:

Wish you best :slight_smile: i hope this helps!

as a newbie , i have few sample of my designs .don’t you think this is really affecting me? i think buyer always want to see many sample/job displayed before taking action.Maximum sample i can display is 5 due to fiverr limitation .What is your stand on this? or am i missing something?


Make sure those won’t be 1000 times old tips and tricks,please.:smirk:

Hope you get your TRS badge soon.Best of luck.:slight_smile:


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YES there is an option. i’m using extra sample preview link for that, use its best and top! buyers can even like your samples or comment then ! I highly recommend flicker to upload more gig previews and put that link in your description MAKE SURE to use google url short system to shorten your flicker URL… an side note please use your TOP high end designs to your main gig 3 samples! thats important the reason if your three sample images looks catchy then buyer will definitely check your description so then buyer can see the more sample link in your description. i hope this helps :slight_smile:

your logo design gig preview isn’t good upload something catchy simpler thing.

haha for sure i’ll not submit old type of useless tips um gonna submit my own experienced tips! and how to handle your customer.

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Than can’t wait for your new thread :heart_eyes:

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Okay ,a quick question.
How do I check on which page my gig is? Do you have time to search for me?
Or @owais_raza Can you?

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i was newbie in Fiverr, i don’t know how to get sales on my gig, and or anything.
can u tell me what should i do @_@.

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Sorry to hear about your TRS badge loss. I was also TOP RATED SELLER and unfortunately i had technical issues with my pc and there were many cancellations. I lost my TRS in March 2016, i am again trying my best to get back my TRS badge.

Hope you will also get your TRS badge soon.

All the best.

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Thank you so much @chathurangak.
I will contact you trough message/inbox.
I m write all you say me and put all in the mind:slight_smile:
I see that Fiverr also look about respect of clients.
And, I m before few hours receive logo order for 25$, I go up! :slight_smile:
Follow you and wish you all the best in future, my friend!
Go forward to the new badge!
Best regards!

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thanks will do as you said

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Hi Anjy don’t worry about the search result, i suggest you to update your tagline and put some keywords on the description that helps to find on search result.