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For graphics and design , LIVE PORTFOLIO is automatically turned on and i could not turn it off

i am worried my live portfolio could not turn off. it is ON by default. i have read somewhere that for GRAPHICS and DESIGN , we cannot disable live portfolio and my deliverables are not showing up in portfolio. please some experienced seller help me


Your buyers still have the option on their end of whether to permit the work to display. It also depends on the file type you deliver, and what you select for display if the buyer permits.



Portfolio has a limit of 20 images/videos. Once reached, no order after that can be shown. Other option is buyer didn’t choose to display their work in your portfolio, buyer always has the option to not have their work displayed in the seller’s gig portfolio.

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@moonstaredits my slot has only 3 projects, i told them to tick on the portfolio image green so that it showed up, one buyer did and others dont bother, will it cause a warning from fiverr to ask buyers to click on portfolio image green?

@imagination7413 i want to show my work to attract other buyers. is there any solution to this problem>?

well said. thank you @imagination7413

please check this link

I don’t know, but if customers don’t want their works displayed you shouldn’t force them, some may take it bad. It is better to prevent

thanks all for you valuable replies